hello and howdy, good TEAM MONSTERFACE.
we put something special up for you, in honor of this very fine and historic
it’s a crazy LIVE DRUMS version of DEROCKRACY!
(currently living on the myspace. don’t fear the myspace, you needn’t be on it to listen, and if you are on it, say ‘howdy’.)

vote, participate, talk about the election with everyone and do your best not to succumb to the political cynicism that runs rampant like a kid on a sweet new big wheel. if you don’t vote, don’t complain. you forfeit your right. we aren’t terribly interested in mixing up politics with our sock puppet rock band, so that’s as much as you’ll ever get from us…

this live derockracy is super fun, and it’s the first time we ever played it with our cuddly friend gabriel duquette. you’ll perhaps recognize his astute drumsmanship from the mighty powers of our most recent rock song, ROBOT QUEST. the gaber has also been seen directing our weird video for COUNT CHOCULA (you’re never safe), and is currently drumming for the collectively very attractive and currently “blowin’ up” SAM BUCK ROSEN (not to mention his awesome solo project…wait, we mentioned it…)

“why did my friends from uncle monsterface suddenly have the opportunity to record a kooky live drum version of derockracy?” the astute young observer might feel compelled to ask between sea-faring adventures and trips to the local bodega for some kind of twix variant. well young friend, i’m so glad you asked.

it’s cuz we’re in the studio working on our new fuill length rock and roll album, ‘this is an adventure’! if you’re a purist, don’t panic. every song isn’t going all full band drum-bonanza a la tmbg’s ‘john henry’. we have a much more civil mixture in mind( a la tmbg’s ‘apollo 18, though w/ still less live drums…and inevitably not as good), and we’re quite excited about it. our vain and vague hope is to have it all nifty and ready this summer, along with several other exciting endeavors.

seriously, there’s a lot of excitement. we feel like a hungry tiger thrown into a kindergarten. hmmm…


ever your loyal,
uncle monsterface

ps. we’re in this month’s blender magazine on page 28? whuuuuu?!

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