MONSTERFACE is returning to the rock stage..!

But everything is different:
Hang on to your treehouses, crazy-faces, here’s the deal.

MONSTERFACE INDUSTRIES sent us a memo in triple-triplicate indicating that “forthwith we must cease and desist with the breadth and the width.”

You know the drill. Our last show in December was the retirement of not only Captain of Awesome, Perfect Jimmy, but also the retirement of the ginormous, glorious, cumbersome, and lumbering stage show of inflatable glory and rag tag yay.

Take it in, the band previously known as Uncle Monsterface is currently known as MONSTERFACE.  In exchange for one lost “Uncle,” we found a powerful, new, all live rock show (and some swords). Straight-up 3-piece awesome-rock songs about ninjas, robots, gary gygax, other robots, flying accountants, Nintendo, zombies, and lobsters.


We here at Monsterface Industries are thrilled about this change like three kids eating head-sized ice cream cones while riding a talking roller coaster that goes underwater and back in time.

Uncle Monsterface himself left to go to the deli, but we believe it may be in New Delhi. Or in space. He forgot his cell phone. And his shoes and pants. And he took the submarine. Contact the authorities if you see him. Keep your hands away from his mouth at all times.

In short  – no “Uncle” means a change in sound and many many new songs (along with many re-worked old favorites).  It also means that we have replaced the giant monsters,  sock puppet theater, back-tracks and accompanying synchronized videos  with unbridled all-live rock and roll fury that will destroy and re-build your brain.

Less art school, more rock. When the “UNCLE” comes back, the Big Show will, too.

Like Rush before us, we are now drums and guitar with Marty singing while he plays bass. Paradise Dan is still stealing hearts and minds (and souls) with his rock guitar prowess and boy-ish charms. Spooki Olde Eric still hits drums with sticks. Hard. The sock puppets are out looking for their Uncle.

MONSTERFACE is probably now presenting selections from their forthcoming full-length album, “The Rise of The Lava Men”, the story of a rag-tag band of ancient superheroes, as unearthed under the ashes of New Ashville City (in the shadow of Mt. Bombpei), Dino-skeleton Island.

We’re super-excited to present this iteration and era of MONSTERFACE. Rest assured, the sock puppets (and the Perfect Jimmy) are always lodged firmly inside of our collective hearts (a condition that is actually twice as painful as it sounds).

We are making up for not playing in a while by playing as much as possible. If you want us to play in your backyard or on our roof or in your garden or at your prom, let us know.


Ever your loyal,