October 19, 2006
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Announcing the release of
Songs for the
Big N,
an online-only limited edition EP by sock puppet rock and roll multimedia extravaganza, Uncle Monsterface, set to release in tandem with the launch of Nintendo's new console, the Wii

November 19, 2006

hear a sample of:
(song for legendary videogame maker Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of Donkey Kong, Mario, Zelda, and more...)

*please note that this is an early-release press sample, there will be changes in the final mix

photo by Shannon Casey Splain

In addition to being a bizarre sock puppet rock band, Uncle Monsterface are a bunch of Nintendo fanboys. And they're gonna prove it. The band that features singing and dancing sock puppets, giant monsters, inflatable lobsters, and songs about Count Chocula has decided to put their love of all things Nintendo to song. Collectively filled with several mountains full of child-like glee at the release of Nintendo's new video game system, The Wii, the boys in Monsterface are penning an online-only ep that will become available for download just as they (and the rest of the world) get their hands on the next generation in gaming.

Featuring the full length songs: I'm Sorry (But Your Princess Is In Another Castle); Bring Back the Eggplant Wizard (song for Gunpei Yokoi); and MIYAMOTODE,the album will also feature short songs dedicated to the land of Hyrule (Zelda) and Samus Aran (Metroid). The album will release via snocap.com as a download-only purchase with each track costing under $1.

"Weirder than TMBG and less sinister than Miss Pussycat, the Monsterface dudes are about as close to the early magic of Henson (not Hanson: HENSON) as you're likely to come across in these parts...the dadaist fake-children's-music you've been dreaming about. If you take yourself too seriously to fall in love with this band, seek help. " - Boston Phoenix


Uncle Monsterface is Marty Allen yelling and jumping about, (Paradise) Dan Brennan playing rock guitar, and (Perfect) Jimmy Bernardinelli on the keytar. Uncle Monsterface also: is a small green puppet with big yellow teeth; is the giant life-sized version of the little green puppet come to life to solve the rest of the band's problems; is songs about mutant prairie dogs; is a web-based Television Variety show; is thirty sock puppets singing and dancing inside a colorful box; is the notorious opening act for book rockers Harry and the Potters; is a megaphone thrust into the air; is three grown men wearing bed sheets and calling them capes; is the audience invited onto the stage to rock out with them at the end of every set. Uncle Monsterface is all these things and quite possibly several others as well...

"Uncle Monsterface is a multi-media experience, a term that does the surreal phenomenon that is this band no justice...If hand-puppets, psychedelic prairie dogs and inflatable lobsters aren’t your thing, you should probably move along." -musicpost.com

Nintendo's new console, The Wii, is set to revolutionize video games as we know them, creating an unprecedented interactive experience that not only encourages participation in gamers of all age and types, but also welcomes consumers with an affordable price. Uncle Monsterface ardently believes in Nintendo's new product and feels a distinct affinity with it's all-inclusive, interactive, fan-friendly ethic - an ethic they themselves try to impart by creating interactive experiences with their audiences both live and via the internet.

On the regular web - http://www.unclemonsterface.com
On the magic of MySpace - http://www.myspace.com/unclemonsterface
Monsterface Tee Vee - http://www.youtube.com/user/unclemonsterface
See Nintendo's official Wii site: http://wii.nintendo.com/

photo by Shannon Casey Splain
Uncle Monsterface's NINTENDODE: Songs for the Big N,
is in no way authorized by the Nintendo Corporation (but we wish it was).