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REVERSE Chrono-ology
July, 2012 – The full length “RISE of the LAVA MEN” is successfully funded on Kickstarter

July, 2011 – Early tales of the LAVA MEN begin to surface
First four shows are played with new material and line-up

March, 2011 – Sock Puppet Manor Premieres

February, 2011 – Tales of and artifacts from the history of THE LAVA MEN are unearthed on Dino-skeleton Island, amidst the ruins of the lost town of New Asheville, in the shadow of Mt. Bompeii. A new adventure begins for MONSTERFACE. New songs, plans for stripped down stage show, and new design look/feel emerge from the ashes.

January, 2011 – Giant Monster/Sock Puppet/friend/icon/mascot/leader Uncle Monsterface leaves to go to the Deli. It may be in New Delhi. Or space. He does not return. The puppets go after him. All current puppets, stage antics, and videos are “retired”. Performing band to be know as “MONSTERFACE” (it is decreed that if and when the crazy stage show returns, so, too, will the UNCLE).

December, 2010 – Perfect Jimmy retires to the southern tip of Dino-skeleton Island to embark on a life of turtle-riding and underwear production/protection.

Final show with Perfect Jimmy is tearfully performed at The Knitting Factory, Brooklyn.

2010 – ‘Spooki’ Olde Eric joins the ranks of Uncle Monsterface, adding live drums and foreshadowing a live sound

January, 2010 – Production begins of Sock Puppet Manor –

2009 – ‘Jokey Jingles’ , an ep of cover songs released for free to all members of Monsterface’s e-mail list and any incoming member

June, 2009 – Live-action “Mashed Potato VS Vampire” premieres at NYC’s TANK

2008 – Unlimited Enthusiasm 6-week National Tour/Camp/Experience w/Harry and the Potters, Math the Band, and other awesome friends

2008 – ‘This Is An Adventure’ , second full-length recording released ‘for free with a promise’

2007 – Monsterface Tee Vee Premieres

2007 – Band moves Dino-skeleton Island to Brooklyn

2006 – ‘Nintendode’ released

2006 - ‘In My Room of Requirement (It’s Always Christmas)’ released on Harry and the Potters Wizarding Christmas CD of Power

2006 – Potter-face – legendary east Coast tour and mixed media collaboration with Harry and the Potters and The Boston Phoenix

2006 – “Letter Green (I Love You)”, first full-length album, released

2005 – “Piece of a Heart Container” limited edition ep released

December 10, 2004 – Uncle Monsterface formed/discovered/unleashed

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And TEAM Monsterface lives on.

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