Nov 2 Album Release Party at The Way Station

Sunday November 2, 2014 – 8pm
“An Evening with Uncle Monsterface”
Celebrating the release of their newest album
“RISE of the LAVA MEN”
The Way Station
683 Washington Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11238

Free, $5 suggested donation

Please join us as Uncle Monsterface presents their newest album, “RISE of the LAVA MEN,” from start to finish for your listening pleasure. Unanswered questions to follow.


The New album RISE of the LAVA MEN is out today!

Check it out here:

About The Builder

Sunday morning Meet the Monsterface!
Marty talks about “The Builder”
Its the last day to pre-order!!!!
The whole album will be streaming tomorrow on bandcamp for you to check out in all its glory!

Who is “The Sports Robot”

A little surfin Saturday morning fun from Monsterface TeeVee and The Sports Robot! Marty talks about another new (and old) song from the album (which is out on Monday!). Grab a pre-order now for only $5!

Get the album here!

Which of the LAVA MEN are you?

Now that you know so much about the LAVA MEN, it’s time to find out which one YOU ARE!

Take the QUIZ here:

Who is “The Spaceman?”

This Saturday Morning on Monsterface TeeVee, we have a special NEW SONG PREMIERE of “The Spaceman!”

But first Marty talks a little about our song “The Spaceman”, us stealing from Ben Folds Five, and our forever love for Firefly.
You can grab the album here:

Who is “The Brainrocket Scientist?”

Today on Monsterface TeeVee, Marty talks about the song “The Brainrocket Scientist,” followed by said song.
Listen to more songs off the new album here:

What is RISE of the LAVA MEN?

What is RISE of the LAVA MEN?

What is “RISE of the LAVA MEN,” you ask?
Here is a video of the people who made it answering that very question!

Check out the album here:
On Bandcamp!

Pre-order “RISE of the LAVA MEN” today and get 3 songs NOW! 

RISE of the LAVA MEN – PreRelease ANNOUNCED!

Pre-order before official release for $5 and get three early-release tracks. That’s a $2 discount and 3 immediate songs! Go get a preview and decide for yourself! Please help us out and spread this link:

March 27 – Spike Hill

Hey friendz and potential foes! Uncle Monsterface hits the stage for the first time in 2014 as a part of Chamber Band’s 3-week residency at Spike Hill ! Throw your fist in the air in defiance of our endless winter and come one out for rocking fun!
spike hill march 27 flyer with big yeti

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