Vampire Boy Episode 1 is here!

Check it out, tell your friends, alert your enemies, feed your pets!
(we recommend going into fullscreen for the FULLY IMMERSIVE UNDEAD EXPERIENCE!)


Vampire Boy’ has been a real labor-of-love from the current rag-tag crew operating under the suspicious auspices of Monsterface Industries. Learn more about the process at

Please share this completely independently produced animation, we want it to get seen, and we want to keep the story going!

Every your loyal,
Uncle Monsterface

Vampire Boy Youtube Premiere October 28


Just in time for Candy Day! Get cavities! Watch our show!

So mark your calendars with a big bloody X and tell your friends to subscribe to our Youtube Channel!

Vampire Boy to premiere at 401 Film Fest

Hey gang, we’re very excited to announce that the first episode of our animated short “Vampire Boy” will have its WORLD PREMIERE as part of Rhode Island’s awesome 401 Film Fest!
The festival is three days long and features work from all around the world, with all of the proceeds going to benefit The Big Bros and Big Sisters program. COOL! We kick off the Sunday Oct 23 screening at Dean’s List Academy in Pawtucket!

Where is Monsterface?

Hi friends,
We realize that it has sounded rather quiet here on Dino-skeleton Island since we released Rise of the Lava Men and bid farewell to our stalwart drummer the mighty E.Epic Swanson.

However! We have been doing stuff! While there is a little music being done here and there, our current main focus has been on a new, self-produced animated project called “Vampire Boy,” featuring the talents of many of your friends from Team Monsterface!

See the previews below, more news soon-ish, Team!


Monsterface with Marty Art at Hi Fi Feb 19

A bunch of my portraits are up at the awesome HiFi bar in Manhattan! The opening party is up on Thurs, Feb, 19 and features a koo koo Uncle Monsterface acoustic show AND! The world premiere of my (admittedly short) LIVE SOCK PUPPET SHOW, Sock Puppet City!

Nerdy Dozen Album selection at GeekDad Equals SALE!

In honor of being included on the inestimable GeekDad Nerdy Dozen Indispensable Albums of 2014
we’re offering a whopping 40% off our new album, “RISE of the LAVA MEN” via our Bandcamp!
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Nov 2 Album Release Party at The Way Station

Sunday November 2, 2014 – 8pm
“An Evening with Uncle Monsterface”
Celebrating the release of their newest album
“RISE of the LAVA MEN”
The Way Station
683 Washington Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11238

Free, $5 suggested donation

Please join us as Uncle Monsterface presents their newest album, “RISE of the LAVA MEN,” from start to finish for your listening pleasure. Unanswered questions to follow.


The New album RISE of the LAVA MEN is out today!

Check it out here:

About The Builder

Sunday morning Meet the Monsterface!
Marty talks about “The Builder”
Its the last day to pre-order!!!!
The whole album will be streaming tomorrow on bandcamp for you to check out in all its glory!

Who is “The Sports Robot”

A little surfin Saturday morning fun from Monsterface TeeVee and The Sports Robot! Marty talks about another new (and old) song from the album (which is out on Monday!). Grab a pre-order now for only $5!

Get the album here!