The Rise of Meow Meow!

Did you see the new Meow Meow Shirt!?!

Our newest reward for our kickstarters, a limited run t-shirt by our own Epic Swanson of Fencing & Archery – It features the Lava Men’s ever present companion, MEOW MEOW!

This shirts also has a secret glow-in-the-dark layer, rumored to reveal Meow Meow’s true intentions.

A limited run of 50 shirts will be made and are available exclusively through our Kickstarter.

The Kickstarter is only running for another 9 days! So you better get to it!

RISE of the LAVA MEN Kickstarter is here!

Here we are, live from the dig site at:
Go check out our awesome video and see all the cool rewards you can get! We’ll also be adding some special rewards throughout the month!

If you are new to the notion of Kickstarter, it’s a site designed to “crowd fund” creative projects. Folks like us ask for your support, and you get cool and exclusive stuff for supporting us. Check it out! The real crux is that, if we don’t get fully funded, we don’t get nuthin! It’s an all-in proposition!

Uncle Monsterface’s “RISE of the LAVA MEN” has been in the works for more than two years, and we are thrilled to be this close to finally bringing it to you, but we really need your help to bring it all the way home.

This concept album and archaeological dig tells the tale of the ancient protectors of Uncle Monsterface’s present day mysterious homebase, Dinoskeleton Island, as unearthed in a cave that Dan and Marty fell into.

We’ll be updating the Kickstarter with special one-of-a-kind and individual band member-centric rewards throughout the 30 days as we reach towards our goal.

Look forward to updates on both Monsterface Mondays as well as One-of-a-kind Wednesdays!

New Year is for New-ness/End of Days

Hello and howdy Kids and Cadets,
It is 2012. The END TIMES.
As such, we are working on lots of stuff.

We had a productive and wondrous hiatus in Nov/Dec, and now we’re back in the studio working on new songs, ideas, and happenings.

Stay tuned to this place, right here, forever.
Together: we will take the Mayans down!

Ever your loyal,

Nov 12 – Littlefield BK w/MC Frontalot, Schaffer the Darklordd

Monsterface is opening for the super-heroic man of Might
MC Frontalot
with Ultra-Mega Super friend Deluxe
Schaffer the Dark Lord
and Brandon Patton, who we don’t know but can’t wait to meet!

Mind-blowing adventures…
622 Degraw St
Brooklyn – R/N/D to Union St.
Doors @ 8pm
$10 adv/$12 dos | 21+

This is not only an eye-melting stew of awesome-powers of a line-up, this is not only the end of MC Frontalot’s tour, THIS IS SCHAFFER’S BIRTHDAY! So many birthdae showsss! Shake rattle and roll, kids, this is one for the books.

Please come to either or both of these amazing rock shows if you can. Once, again, these are our LAST SHOWS OF THE YEAR. And they are booth awesome.

Monsterface at Death By Audio on 08/20/11

This Saturday night, we return to the mighty Death by Audio!
We’ve got a bunch of new songs and less distracting visual hijinks.

    Let’s Rock.

Featuring –
Math the Band
Leema Mountain
The Toothaches

Lock it Down on the Facebook!(That way we know how much rock to bring.)

Come hear of the tales we’ve discovered, Sing along with the stories we’ve uncovered. It’s the Rise of the Lava Men! (Here we come, here we come again.)

Monsterface rocks the Gutter in Brooklyn! Sat August 6th

Monsterface rocks the Gutter in Brooklyn!
Tell Facebook you’re coming!

We put this show together because we love this place. Also, we’ve always wanted to play a local show with Schaffer, cuz he’s amazing. Also also, Judas and Brutus is Spooki Olde Eric’s OTHER band, and they are rock-masters of guitar/drum/duo power.

The Gutter – Sat – August 6th
Schaffer the Darklord (!)
Judas and Brutus

Sock Puppet Manor Arrives!

Today alone it was a long hard battle with compression and upload settings, we hope it’s working on as many machines as possible and still looking good.

We’re really excited to finally air this, thanks to all the amazing folks involved in this silly and disturbingly daunting project!

Let us know what you think, next episode in two weeks!
Help us out – share it on Facebook! Like our group!!/pages/Sock-Puppet-Manor/185910418116901

Sock Puppet Manor Premieres March 28!

It’s finally coming – SOCK PUPPET MANOR, Episode 1, premieres via the brand new
Monday, March 28 – in the proud tradition of Monsterface Mondays!

check out—->Facebook Fan Page!
check out—->New sock Puppet Manor Sock Puppet Portraits for sale at!

Brooklyn, NY/The Internet/The World – The long-awaited premiere of Uncle Monsterface’s Sock Puppet Soap Opera, Sock Puppet Manor arrives on the internet (of all places), Monday, March 28 at the freshly minted!

Follow the trials and tribulations of pickle-canning moguls the Lollybottoms as they cope with, conspire against, and marry the upstart pickle-canning entrepreneurs, The Durtlingers. Chases, betrayal, conversations with ghosts, frying pans to heads, evil twins being thrown, amnesia, more evil twins, and more sock puppets, all in one place.

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Perfect Jimmy’s Last Show! – Dec 18th – Bell House’s YULE BALL!

We have extremely exciting-sad-exciting-sad news that is also a chunk of rock and roll history.
It is a mighty rock show which will of course be historic simply due to its inherent mightiness.  But it marks an extremely significant event for Uncle Monsterface…

You see, Team…
Saturday, December 18 will be Perfect Jimmy’s Final performance with Uncle Monsterface!

Here’s the thang:
Uncle Monsterface opens for our best friends of rock
Harry and the Potters
at Brooklyn’s 2010
Saturday, December 18

at 5:00pm
The Bell House


Tell Facebook you are coming here:

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