The Second Ever Imagination Summit, September 21, Kingston MA

Announcing The Second Ever Imagination Summit, September 21 in the ROCK AND ROLL HOME TOWNE SUBURBS!
that’s right kids and cadets! the second ever imagination summit is ON! us along with our favorite bands ever to play with – all rocking our home towne suburbs!

friday, september 21st | the second IMAGINATION SUMMIT!!!
unclemonsterface | math the band |
lemon demon | the lima research society
at the KNIGHTS of COLUMBUS in KINGSTON | doors at 6:00pm | All Ages!! | $8
91 South St. Kingston, MA 02364

we’ve had one of these shows already in connecticut, and it was the funnest thing ever! we absolutely LOVE playing with each of these bands – everyone is fun, talented, and awesomely crazy. we are big family of rock and roll misfit toys, and we feed upon hugs, jumping, and yelling. and this is seriously the suburb where tons of us are from. marty from monsterface and neil from lemon demon were actually raised on the same exact street in kingston, perfect jimmy and dan grew up in the towne next door (and oddly enough, we all only just found each other as would-be “adults”…). so you can come not only for the rock, but also if you look about closely, you just might catch a glimpse of the strange families that birthed the executives of monsterface industries…


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