last NYC07 show this THURS, nov 29

while we assure you that together, we can build a ship
made of tin cans and popsicle sticks –

we further assert that:
and it is

November, 29 2007 at Alphabet Lounge – 18+ Art rock nite!
doors at 7 (i think)
104 Avenue C (at the corner of 7th Street), New York, New York
Cost : $8

18+ Art Rock Nite with a bunch of other crazy NYC bands! Come to one of our rare Manhattan Engagements at an all new rock arena!

It’s rumoured that we are smack-dab in the middle of the nite, at the relatively reasonable hour of 9pm…but you should come for everyone and support music!

Frightened Seller (
Lady Radiator (
Somebody Else’s (
Dependency (

yes, that’s right, it is all so sad and true.last to chance to see us in NYC07, but we assure with the requisite fury and aplomb – great things are in store. great things may also be found AT the store…things like toilet paper and microwavable pot pies.

okay doke, finoke, and good ole bloke. there are tons of crazy plans a’brewing, not the least of which are a bunch of new songs and 8 bazillion shows. but we’ll keep you posted as is relevant, necessary, and actually true.

until next time, please busy yourselves by building a giant robot of love, sending parts back and forth via the incomparable US mail.

ever your loyal,
uncle monsterface

ps. don’t you think that sock puppet portraits are the ultimate gift of love this holiday season? 9 available online and like 30 others for sale by marty from uncle monsterface in nyc’s union square as often as is humanly possible (prolly weds, fri, sat, sun weather,rock shows, and relative exhaustion permitting)!!!

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