Sat Show will start on time! Interview on! New mighty shirt at show!

Team team hello!
First and firstly – once again, there is an exciting show this weekend, but we want to make sure that you know that we will be playing right at 7pm, and that we are the only band. We realize this is not standard rock n roll procedures.

And: the exceptionally cool people of’s GeekDad talked to two of us weirdos from Uncle Monsterface hyping said show! Listen to the whole podcast to hear the wisdom of Paradise Dan and Martyface.

Don’t stop there, always read Z from Geekdad’s blog, due to its vast awesomeness and its penchant for awesomosity. Why would spellcheck underline that?!

We also want to make sure that you know that we are premiering A BRAND NEW T-SHIRT (for sale) at this rock show, too! By the invincible and mighty and mightily awesome Erc Swanson of The Atomist, featuring Eric’s take on two of the rarer sock puppets – Dr. Alien Eyes M.D, outer space doctor from space, and The Earclops, noteworthy crossword puzzle expert.

And let us not forget the details of that which we are hyping!

This Saturday! June 6
7:00pm | 7 dolares
All Ages! YES!
The Tank – 354 West 45th
Go to 42nd Street and walk west!
We premiere the live version of our song
Mashed Potato VS Vampire
featuring a giant Mashed Potato fighting a Vampire with a huge head and an all new video, along with our “standard” array of songs about lobsters, Gary Gygax, Nintendo, and love.

Much like the signal, they cannot stop the awesome.

Ever your loyal,
uncle monsterface