We have friends!

Let us see. Well start with in-house related stuff that we the Monsterfacers do that isn’t specifically monsterface.

marty makes sock puppet portraits and stuff here:

(perfect) Jimmy makes other cartoons and all manner of craziness here:

marty also made a song a day a while ago, many of which have become monsterface-songs here. more recently he’s been doing a weird solo project called ‘peanut butter & jellery’. it seems to be taking forever:
and then more of his songs and drawings on the myspace here:

We also have been lucky enough to collaborate with some fellow superhumans!

Shannon Casey Splain is an amazing human being and photographer. She took our sassy-professional photos, and she can take yours, too!

Ryanne Hodson is the video blog maven who collaborated with Marty to make the video for Lobster Bulding and made the video for Pets

Ms Emil Jean Gobeille is a sproingy visionary, and she made us a supersweet video for CAPES . she is head marshall of the

those crazy kids at infehnite design have made way too many cool things for us, including an insane video for bring back the eggplant wizard

BANDS are also our friends!

Harry and the Potters are the best! WIZARD ROCK ROCKS!

Math the Band rules the planet!

Lemon Demon is so awesome it hurts, and Marty was a guest on one of his songs!

The Lima Research Society is a confetti cannon of unbridled awesomeness!

Corn Mo i so talented it hurts, and has been an enormous friend and inspiration all of us at MONSTERFACE INDUSTRIES.

James Kochalka is another mountain of inspiration and support. YAY!

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