hello and hi, team monsterface.
oh the things we are up to!
there are a variety of them!

our newly founded table of contents matrix presents:

1. the second ever imagination summit next friday in kingston massachusetts (which isn’t far from boston) read all about it here cuz we were on the front page of the home town news(!):

2. announcing a new new york city show! an all ages and FREE one! thursday, october 25 at the sidewalk cafe with the elastic no-no band and other new friends!

3. we are officially working on new uncle monsterface songs for a new uncle monsterface album!

4. there are three all new martysongs available from his ‘peanut butter & jellery’ project via the internet! ( )


okay. we’d like to personally AND impersonally thank numbers for all of their help in assembling our information in a handy manner. we’d like to go on to assure you that you are awesome, and encourage you to run around in your house and outside of it while wearing a cape (preferably home-made).

the second ever imagination summit next friday in kingston massachusetts!
Friday, September 21st
doors at 6:00pm | All Ages!! | $8
read all about it from the home towne news:

Uncle Monsterface (
Lemon Demon (
Math the Band (
the Lima Research Society (
91 South St. Kingston, MA 02364

say yes, and say yes and say it again! this show will be totally awesome! BOSTON! you should come, cuz we aren’t gonna get to the city city for a while! these are the best bands ever! this is where marty and lemon demon are from! this will be SO FUN!
thursday, october 25

Sidewalk Cafe
doors at 7 or so…(i think we are on at 8…)
94 Ave. A (Ave. A at 6th St.), Manhattan
(no cover! 2 drink minimum for the night and it doesn’t have
to be alcohol)

with the rock and roll powers of:
Joe Crow Ryan ( )
Dave End ( )
Elastic No-No Band CD RELEASE! (
Huggabroomstik (

yay for all ages shows that are also free! this will totally free you up to buy lots of our stuff! moreover, this features several bands who we have never played with before, all of whom we are summarily and whole-heartedly excited to play with. the elastic no-no band is awesome, and it is their cd release! holy poop!


it’s true and it’s official. we aren’t saying too much more about it. we’re writing and recording, and we don’t expect it to actually release until 2008, but we’re super-excited, so we had to say…

we’ll divulge a few details…
we expect and hope for their to be MIGHTY guest stars.
we are working on a song RIGHT NOW that we will release early to get people as excited as we are…this song is riddled with crazy potentials, not the least of which stems from an all new instrument. clue: this instrument is played by a human, and it is played with drum sticks…
and we fully anticipate that this album will be AN ADVENTURE.

more to come!


marty from uncle monsterface made up 3 new songs for his crazy ‘peanut butter & jellery’ project

in case you can’t wait for full-on new monsterface songs, or if you’re just curious what marty gets up to by himself at 2am (saucy!) –
go check out
the marty stuff myspacefor the new songs, and/or for the full story and all of the songs.

so many options! so much information!


well, team, that’s all we’ve got on this fully beautiful and nearly autumnal sunday afternoon. but between sips of mid-afternoon coffee and old episodes of buffy, we ask that you reflect upon your role in TEAM MONSTERFACE. at which point we ask that you stop, stand on the couch (and/or kitchen table), shout out the words, “i am mighty!” and leap proudly without hurting yourself.

fists in the air. all fists.

we are, as ever

your loyal,

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