Are you ready for the Remix!

So, a few weeks ago, I got asked to make a remix by my good friend Z and by the power of the fates I got handed the vocal tracks to “Felix Felicis” by our boys Harry and the Potters.

I have never “remixed” anything before but I had just received this cool DS synthesizer made by Pixelh8 and I always wanted to try it so I figured I’d give it a shot.

On a side note the DS synth is AWESOME. You’ll hear more of it on “This is an Adventure.” Thank god I didn’t get that new toy until the album was 90% done, otherwise it would have been on every track on there.

Anyway first I tried doing a mashup. For those of you unfamiliar with mashups its when you take 2 or more song put them in a blender and pour out a cool and refreshing audio milk shake. After a few passes I realized that I’m not allowed to play with the blender.

So I went back to my DS synth and banged out this:

Felix Felicis (Dumbledore’s DS Mix)

I suggest you go to Hipster, Please! and check out the all the other cool mixes that people done. There’s more wrock and some geek rock and a bunch of nerd-core hip hop. Its pretty awesome.

BTW – the new UMF album is done, I listened to it at the gym yesterday. I think you guys will really like it. The CDs are being made as we speak and files are going to magical itunes land. We should have something for you guys in a few weeks.

okay back to tour planning!

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