Sock Puppet Vampire has a NEW SONG for You!

Greetings! friend of the world of Sock Puppets and their Portraits!
refresher course: Marty from Uncle Monsterface sells Sock Puppet Portraits for a living.

So: a lots been going down and up and over and under in the world of the Ultimate Gift of Love. Let’s find out all about it, shall we?

New Myspace songs:
Sooooo, there are some new Sock Puppet Portrait Myspaces! And as most folks already know, all the NEW Sock Puppet Myspaces have a song that they wrote themselves despite (or because of) their lack of arms!

So, joining the Series 2 ranks with Spot the Elusive Dinosaur are The Nutty Bunny and now, just in time for Halloweenie Time – Frank the Vampire Superintendent singing about his army of undead bugs! (Any resemblance to actual Superintendents who I always fight with is strictly probably coincidental or something).

Once again, gang, these Myspace songs, while remaining totally PG, are turning out a bit dark. I suspect a few of the upcoming guys will be a bit lighter…

Remember: you don’t have to be on Myspace to check these profiles out. But if you ARE and you’re amused, make them your friends. It helps me! (And fret not, a Facebook group is coming soon…)

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