Adventure Pizza Premieres with Object Movement Festival

Big news!

It’s time for ADVENTURE PIZZA, the beginning stages of Monsterface Industries Choose-Your-Own Rock Show Adventure!

Hi friends! We’re thrilled to announce that Uncle Monsterface is a part of the Fall 2020 Digital Puppetry Lab with The Object Movement Festival and the Center at West Park!
Saturday, September 21 at 8pm

Monsterface Industries is collaborating with the tremendous director and puppeteer Leigh Walter on an experimental exploration of our ever-growing Choose-Your-Own-Rock-Show: ADVENTURE PIZZA!

Spoilers, this is the map for this excerpt!

Adventure Pizza was originally imagined as a live stage show, but for now at least we’ve adapted it to puppet-based toy theater!

Rise of The Lava Men on Streaming Platforms

Greetings, Team:
In case you needed it and in honor of the impending autumn, Uncle Monsterface’s last studio album, “Rise of the Lava Men,” is now available on all streaming places.

And that about brings us up to date on the Monsterface Streaming Situation. There’s still more stuff and deeper cuts on our Bandcamp, which sends us much more money and supports awesome causes. But we get it, the kids love their streams.

And now for the profound revelations to be found in Monsterface Fun Facts:

-“Rise” features a whole other amazing lineup for Uncle Monsterface:
Hidden Harlan Muir providing keyboards, vocals, horns and horn arrangements. AND, not to be outdone, Spooki Old Epic Swanson on drums and vox and as our lead designer. These humans are great. And you know, Marty doing Marty-stuff and Paradise Dan being a magical warlock.

-“Rise” was imagined as a Saturday Morning cartoon that never happened, set on Uncle Monsterface’s home base of Dino-skeleton Island. In that interest, we built GI Joe style “Battle Bio Cards” for every character. Check some out on Youtube:

-“Rise” was somehow our last full studio recording.

-“Rise” features phenomenal guest stars. “Cosmic” Jocelyn Mackenzie channels the powers of whole Volcanoes as she sings on many of the songs. She’s particularly proud of the entire cheerleading squad she created for “Sports Robot.” Jocelyn can also often be found supporting us as our live drummer and styling us with her all-powerful mind. What can’t she do? Nuthin. Follow her, as she’s about to drop a universe-changing album.

-And another of our favorite artists and humans ever, @corn mo is featured on several songs. If you don’t know who Corn Mo is, stop what you are doing, and go listen to his banshee wail of freedom sing you some of the greatest songs mankind has ever dared feel course through its collective veins..

-“Rise” was funded by a crazy Kickstarter, and there is one final reward we have yet to make good on… a bunch of original songs for our most beloved backers. We’ll keep you in suspense, but if you’ve read this much, consider this a clue as to upcoming announcements…

– While Marty often writes some drums or synth parts, this was the first album he played a real live instrument on: good old bass!

We could go on and on about “Rise,” it was a glorious and wildly ambitious project that took Herculean efforts from countless talented folks. It is dark and weird and funny and dense and a real beast of a beauty. What are you waiting for, go have a listen.

Ever your loyal,
Uncle Monsterface

‘This Is An Adventure’ Available To Streaming Platforms

Greetings, Team.
We’re giddy to announce that our second full-length album, 2008’s “This Is An Adventure” is once again available on all streaming platforms.

“Adventure” is a very special album from this pile of special monsters. This beautiful carnival of songs was born out of our collective will to all move to Brooklyn and go on this grand adventure that is a band together. It’s deeply collaborative at its core, and holds many songs that became true staples of our show, and others that we simply love. We’re just dang proud of it as a big old album of songs.

The artwork is by the incredible Monster-friend, Daria Tessler, whose work you should find and dive into at like the magical portal of wonders that it is.

Please check it out, spread it around, leave reviews, and do that sort of stuff.

Every your loyal,
Uncle Monsterface

Nintendode Now Available on Major Streaming Spots

We are pleased to offer our second recording, 2006’s EP Nintendode available once again on all major streaming platforms. Please take a listen, add it to playlists, follow us, do those things.

Uncle Monsterface released Nintendode in 2006 in eager anticipation of the weird and wonderful (and now rather ancient) Nintendo Wii – it came out on the same day. In present-day, we tore ourselves away from playing Nintendo’s glorious new version of Animal Crossing to re-release it.
More to come!

December 15 Rock SHOW Introducing Cosmic Jocelyn on the Drums!

Uncle Monsterface is many things, but more than anything else, Uncle Monsterface is thrilled to introduce Cosmic Jocelyn Mackenzie on the drums.

(introducing Cosmic Jocelyn on the drums!)

8pm-10:30pm | $10 adv/$12 door

We are so excited to announce that we’ll not only be opening for the tremendous and stratospheric comet of joy and talent, Jocelyn Mackenzie , we’ll also be introducing her as Cosmic Jocelyn on the drums for Uncle Monsterface!

Of note, we’ll be joyfully re-joined once again by the mighty Epic Swanson, now taking over bass duties so that Marty can focus on jumping around.

THIS SHOW IS GOING TO BE SO FUN! Please share it so we can get people there, and please buy advance tickets so that you can not only save moneys, but the venue can think we’re cool and have us back.

The geeks have inherited the earth, rock stage, and local economy.
Listen up and get down.

Uncle Monsterface Rocks Out For James Kochalka!

Friday, May 26, 2017
Uncle Monsterface returns to the stage in new old form in celebration of comics and rock legend James Kochalka‘s 50th Birthday!

Back to the stage with a new specialty line-up, featuring old school visuals and tunes, Epic Swanson‘s return – but on BASS! And the official introduction of the phenomenal COSMIC JOCELYN MACKENZIE on drums and vox!

Hopefully we’ll have some more shows to announce soon!

Book Party for Marty with Uncle Monsterface, Corn Mo, Joe DeGeorge

Holy frijole! It’s a book party for Marty!
A couple of months ago, Marty’s first book, “Sock Puppet Madness,” was published. It took a minute, but now we’re having an awesome party to celebrate!

Facebook likes to know when you do things, and then count the number of other people who are doing them, too!
marty book party postcard

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This weekend is a rare and awesome total fusion of Martystuff and Uncle Monsterface, at SUNY Purchase’s Zinefeast and its rocking after-party, Afterfeast!

During the day, come check out Martystuff’s Sock Puppet Portraits, other cool art, and new book, “Sock Puppet Madness” amongst tons of other awesome stuff including (but not limited to) according to their poster:
Art! Speakers! Shirts! Burritos! Cake! Bands! and Clubs!

During the night, check out Uncle Monsterface and a bunch of other cool bands!

CINCO DE (delicious) MAYO!
Student Center
12-6pm – FEAST!
Aferfeast presented by WPSR
starts at 6!
and tons of other cool bands!

UNCLE MONSTERFACE will be playing many new selections from their fothrcoming album” RISE of the LAVA MEN”. It will be exciting!

BK Rock Sat Jan 19 at Cameo w/little, big and attack.wav

Yip! What is up, 2013! We are still playing awesome rock shows, that’s what. Eat it, Mayans!

Saturday January 19
Cameo Gallery
Cameo Gallery – 93 N. 6th St., Brooklyn, NY 11211
doors at 8ish

Facebook event!

Get tickets:
with the awesome powers of:
Little, Big