Brooklyn Rock Tomorrow with Math and Lima!

Dearest friends, associates, well-wishers, boat captains and the like,

First and foremost – Happy New Year from your friends here at Monsterface Industries.

Dust off your newly resolved and (and quite probably still somewhat groggy) New Year’s bottom(s) , because:
We have an awesome rock show tomorrow night featuring a new video and song (and all of the other awesome stuff that we do)!

Saturday, January 3, 2009
NEW New Years Party
Math the Band
Lima Research Society
and some band called
Uncle Monsterface
Surreal Estate
15 Thames St | Brooklyn, NY
Take “L” Train to Morgan stop, just a couple of blocks away
All Ages | Doors at 9pm | $8

Help us and tell people and tell their friends and yours!
At this rock show we hereby pledge to: premiere a song from “This is an Adventure” that we have never played in front of people before!AND! to premiere a new short EXERCISE VIDEO that is the perfect(ly upsetting) way to ring in the new year…

Yes, you may have seen this line-up of odd-balls and weirdos playing rock shows together before – Math Lima and Us.
It’s because we are rock and roll family.
If you haven’t seen us play with Math and Lima before – you’ve been missing out on a roller-coaster ride of face-punching rainbows raining down upon a mindblowing cacophony of unbridled joy as sung out by a variety of small well-trained creatures who could either be mice or else some long lost species that is particularly good at singing about awesome rock families.
I’m picturing the little mice from “Babe” here.
But with space helmets on.
If you’ve seen us, you knew that.
And you know you must come again.
Plus those guys are on tour, so support their awesome touring-ness.
And this space is cool and weird and unconventional AND all ages friendliness.

Moreover, we’ll be playing with these crazy kids again in a week in Connecticutt.

Friday, January 9, 2009
at Toquet Hall
Enchantment Under the Awesome Everything with
Math the Band
Lima Research Society
and some band called
Uncle Monsterface

…a few more details to come on that one, but you get the idea.

But the real idea?
Never stop a’rockin’, TEAM MONSTERFACE.
You’re better at it than anyone elseat it, and you’ve gotta show them all how it’s done.
And then do it together.
In space.

Ever your loyal,
Uncle Whozzitface

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