We are five!

Goodness gracious, Team!
Five years ago today, Uncle Monsterface performed our first ever rock show at Zuzu’s Cafe in Cambridge, MA. Marty had a couple of puppets, there was no theater, and probably all of six songs. But there we were! Within four shows we had videos and puppets everywhere!

Celebrate with a classic!
Olde School Lionfist Journey

Five years later we’ve completed four recordings and been all across the country playing our rock songs, done all kinds of wacky videos, ate tons of pies and sandwiches, and met and played for and with so many awesome people it’s occasionally overwhelming.

Developmentally, I’d say we’re walking and talking and interacting with others rather well.

What’s next? Exciting things, actually. We’re workin’ on ’em. You won’t see any shows for a bit, though, cuz stupid Marty has to make and sell as many of his Sock Puppet Portraits as he can in December.

Though we WILL have an Present Day surprise for you this month, we promise.

Yay and yay.

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we love you!

Ever your loyal,
Uncle Monsterface

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