Monsterface to Rock Boston and Premiere our new LIVE DRUMMER!

For the first time in our five years as a band, Uncle Monsterface will perform our full set with our NEW LIVE DRUMMER. And we’re premiering it in our home town. Introducing Spooky Old Eric aka The Batman on the sticks, girls and boys. Take a poke for a nickel.

Full deets:
January 21, 2010 – 8pm
The Church
Cover $10, $7
21+ (sorrrrrrry team, we tried!)
Adv tix:

F-nice productions presents
Math the Band
The Silver City
Business for Pleasure
We are told that the show starts at 8sharp, as muzak must stop by midnight. We are also told that we are on 3rd, before those spazzy math-starz.

Because Facebook is sorta dumb in a lot of ways, there are two event pages, one set up by F-nice, the other by Math. Maybe we should do one, too?! Kooky Facebook. Anyways, make sure you tell it everything that you are doing in triplicate, or you will lose your life-license.