Rise of The Lava Men on Streaming Platforms

Greetings, Team:
In case you needed it and in honor of the impending autumn, Uncle Monsterface’s last studio album, “Rise of the Lava Men,” is now available on all streaming places.

And that about brings us up to date on the Monsterface Streaming Situation. There’s still more stuff and deeper cuts on our Bandcamp, which sends us much more money and supports awesome causes. But we get it, the kids love their streams.

And now for the profound revelations to be found in Monsterface Fun Facts:

-“Rise” features a whole other amazing lineup for Uncle Monsterface:
Hidden Harlan Muir providing keyboards, vocals, horns and horn arrangements. AND, not to be outdone, Spooki Old Epic Swanson on drums and vox and as our lead designer. These humans are great. And you know, Marty doing Marty-stuff and Paradise Dan being a magical warlock.

-“Rise” was imagined as a Saturday Morning cartoon that never happened, set on Uncle Monsterface’s home base of Dino-skeleton Island. In that interest, we built GI Joe style “Battle Bio Cards” for every character. Check some out on Youtube:

-“Rise” was somehow our last full studio recording.

-“Rise” features phenomenal guest stars. “Cosmic” Jocelyn Mackenzie channels the powers of whole Volcanoes as she sings on many of the songs. She’s particularly proud of the entire cheerleading squad she created for “Sports Robot.” Jocelyn can also often be found supporting us as our live drummer and styling us with her all-powerful mind. What can’t she do? Nuthin. Follow her, as she’s about to drop a universe-changing album.

-And another of our favorite artists and humans ever, @corn mo is featured on several songs. If you don’t know who Corn Mo is, stop what you are doing, and go listen to his banshee wail of freedom sing you some of the greatest songs mankind has ever dared feel course through its collective veins..

-“Rise” was funded by a crazy Kickstarter, and there is one final reward we have yet to make good on… a bunch of original songs for our most beloved backers. We’ll keep you in suspense, but if you’ve read this much, consider this a clue as to upcoming announcements…

– While Marty often writes some drums or synth parts, this was the first album he played a real live instrument on: good old bass!

We could go on and on about “Rise,” it was a glorious and wildly ambitious project that took Herculean efforts from countless talented folks. It is dark and weird and funny and dense and a real beast of a beauty. What are you waiting for, go have a listen.

Ever your loyal,
Uncle Monsterface