Action Draculas is Here!

Are you ready to Draculize? This Halloween, Mystery Ranch and Monsterface Industries present:


Announcing Action Draculas! An all-ages, full-color read-along storybook, read by a full voice cast with a musical score by Uncle Monsterface! Premiering digitally on Uncle Monsterface’s Youtube THIS HALLOWEEN!

A retro format with a modern sensibility, this book features an original story and painted art by Action Draculas creator Jesse Farrell, with a full-cast voice featuring legendary character actor Mike Starr in a read-along recording, and a musical score and sound design by nerd rock legends Uncle Monsterface.

Part 1 premieres October 31, 2023 on Uncle Monsterface’s Youtube!

Action Draculas tells the story of four ordinary high school students who find Dracula’s magical amulet, which grants each one of them one of Dracula’s powers. When the evil record promoter Don Pteranodon and his army of monsters threaten the students of Harker High’s Battle of the Bands contest, it’s up to the Action Draculas to stop him. Can they use evil… To do good?

Features Marty in the cast, Dan wizarding the sound design, and original score by Uncle Monsterface. Get ready for action!