Marty Wrote A Book with A Bunch Of Monsterface-y Art In It

Hi this is the Very Big Announcement (or VBA)l! Marty from Uncle Monsterface is self-publishing his first novel! Wahhhh?!

Welcome to Theodore Thursdays! Are you ready to get awesome?

Beginning September 7, 2023, Marty is releasing one new chapter of the first novel in his book series Theodore & the 7 Layers of Space. Book 1 is called Brick & Bird. Check out the cover!

There are two ways you can access Marty’s book. The first is via a free app for phones or desktop called Wattpad where the community is awesome, his illustrations are supported and it’s free for you to access and enjoy!

The second is via Marty’s new Patreon, where you can directly support him as an artist and storyteller while getting yourself access to an ad free copy of the book, and get exclusive behind the scenes videos, songs, discounted merch and more awesomeness!


Brick & Bird is the sprawling story of a lonely boy who goes on an amazing adventure full of time dragons, old timey automatons, Magician Detectives, sock puppets…

By the way and secretly… even though the book stands on its own, ALL of the work that Marty does as a creator, from UNCLE MONSTERFACE to small sock puppet portraits to songs to theatrical plays to books, has a story to tell, and all of it comes from this one big world of stories – The 7 Layers of Space! You’re there, too!