Aug 25 at The Way Station WITH THE TARDIS!

Sunday, August 25!
We rock the best bar in Brooklyn with a TARDIS for a toilet!
Time Lord Flyer of Power
The WAY STATION! Come on out! FREE!
It’s a great spot, they screen Game of Thrones starting at 5, we’re at 8, followed by Nerd Karaokee at 10!

We’ll have just come from 3 days of recording, so we’ll be primed to GET WEIRD.

The Rise of Meow Meow!

Did you see the new Meow Meow Shirt!?!

Our newest reward for our kickstarters, a limited run t-shirt by our own Epic Swanson of Fencing & Archery – It features the Lava Men’s ever present companion, MEOW MEOW!

This shirts also has a secret glow-in-the-dark layer, rumored to reveal Meow Meow’s true intentions.

A limited run of 50 shirts will be made and are available exclusively through our Kickstarter.

The Kickstarter is only running for another 9 days! So you better get to it!

RISE of the LAVA MEN Kickstarter is here!

Here we are, live from the dig site at:
Go check out our awesome video and see all the cool rewards you can get! We’ll also be adding some special rewards throughout the month!

If you are new to the notion of Kickstarter, it’s a site designed to “crowd fund” creative projects. Folks like us ask for your support, and you get cool and exclusive stuff for supporting us. Check it out! The real crux is that, if we don’t get fully funded, we don’t get nuthin! It’s an all-in proposition!

Uncle Monsterface’s “RISE of the LAVA MEN” has been in the works for more than two years, and we are thrilled to be this close to finally bringing it to you, but we really need your help to bring it all the way home.

This concept album and archaeological dig tells the tale of the ancient protectors of Uncle Monsterface’s present day mysterious homebase, Dinoskeleton Island, as unearthed in a cave that Dan and Marty fell into.

We’ll be updating the Kickstarter with special one-of-a-kind and individual band member-centric rewards throughout the 30 days as we reach towards our goal.

Look forward to updates on both Monsterface Mondays as well as One-of-a-kind Wednesdays!

Friday, November 9 @ Otto’s w/Schaffer and little,big

Awesome rock show! We will play a bunch of new songs, and it’s FREEEEE!

Friday, November 9 | 9pm | FREE

DJ Ultra V & Omega Present




Dj Omega and UltraV dj all night long upfront in the Dj Booth of Doom.

at Otto’s Shrunken Head
548 East 14th St, NYC

Come for the awesome rock powers, stay for the menacing Tiki Drinks…

New free S.C.U.B.A. Song!

The next installment in the enticing array of new songs by UNCLE MONSTERFACE arrives today! Enjoy our new song for whatever price you’d like including free!
It’s the
S.C.U.B.A. Diver Song!

From the depths below he emerges, the second single from our forthcoming new full-length album, RISE of the LAVA MEN!

It’s free, but if you want MORE new Monsterface (and if you want to support the cause), you can purchase the single for a $1 (or more?!) and get the EXCLUSIVE BONUS track,
“A Gross Oversimplification of Gender Dynamics As Articulated By A Pungent Elder Gentleman Who Lived In A Tree” aka “Boyz R Dum, Gurlz R Crazy”.

It’s pretty full of punk rock power.

“S.C.U.B.A. Diver” is available as a free single for a limited time! Get it!

New Rock Single Aug 13 and AWESOME Rock Show w/HatP Aug 15!

Friends and team-mates!

We are super-excited to make both of these announcements!

Uncle Monsterface releases a BRAND NEW SONG!

“(don’t fear the) NINJA”

For FREE! On Monsterface Monday, August 13th via Bandcamp!

And then we celebrate by rocking out with our besties
Wednesday August 15th at Brooklyn’s Knitting Factory! (All Ages!, 6pm doors!)
with Special guests…The Potter Puppet Pals!
This show will definitely sell out, so buy your tickets soon! and tell the FACEBOOKS!


“(don’t fear the) NINJA” – the first single from Uncle Monsterface’s forthcoming full-length album, RISE of the LAVA MEN, will be available for free via bandcamp Monday, August 15, 2012! AND, if you want MORE new Monsterface, you can purchase the single  for a $1 and get the EXCLUSIVE BONUS track, “This Is (STILL) An Adventure”, the full band punk rock version of Uncle Monsterface’s title track from our LAST full length album (from…um…2008).

“(don’t fear the) NINJA” is the first all-new song from Uncle Monsterface in five years. RISE of the LAVA MEN is a conceptual Rock Project (forthcoming full length album, Saturday Morning cartoon show, archaeological dig, and related puppet portraits) telling the tale of the ancient iconic protector’s of Uncle Monsterface’s home-base, Dino-skeleton Island. As Uncle Monsterface unearths records and remnants from the archeological dig that is currently uncovering the tale of the Lava Men, Monsterface Industries will release new songs, artworks and biographies for each of the Lava Men! Who will be next?

With awesome and iconic illustrations by infehnite design’s Jeremy Murphy ( and awesome-sauce
logos by Monsterface’s own, Epic Eric Swanson (also of The Fencing and Archery printing company) the excitement has just begun!

Help us out and spread the word!

The Rise of the Lava Men has begun!