April 21 – First Imagination Summit in Westport, CT

saturday, april 21st | the first ever IMAGINATION SUMMIT!
unclemonsterface with MATH the Band
Lemon Demon | The Lima Research Society
7:30pm| at the TOQUET HALL in Westport, CT

what’s an IMAGINATION SUMMIT, you might ask?

well, dear friend, an IMAGINATION SUMMIT is a conglomeration of awesome and crazy rock bands who share the common thread of unbridled enthusiasm. this idea was born when we played with Math the Band at the Toquet and decided that it was really awesome and fun. these rock bands are all our friends, and we are as excited to see them play as we are to play for them ourselves. we would very much like to share that excitement with rock music audiences.

it is our long term hope that this is the first of many IMAGINATION SUMMITS – we’d like to take this idea to lots of different cities, often inviting other crazy bands, and perhaps adding some crazy and carnival-like aspects as time persists.

there is a vague rumour that some wizards might just appear at this, the inaugural summit…

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