New Exercise Video, SWEAT SEXXXY on YouTube!

Covered in mosquito bites and tired of rolling through those hot sweaty nights? Need to shed a few BBQ bellies and/or watermelon tears? Already covered in so much SWEAT but you need just a little more? Uncle Monsterface has all the answers (and poses some troubling questions) in a brand new EXERCISE VIDEO you can see right here:


We indulged in too many BBQs, Twinkies, and hot dogs wrapped in Twinkies, and Uncle Monsterface (the monster) offered up a solution. He sent us this video, it was covered in a creepy slime, and we’re pretty sure it’s solved all of our problems.

We’ve been helping the nation with this disturbing video as part of our live show for the past several months, and as we put her into semi-retirement, we give her unto you, internet. Take good care of her.

New Puppety Video for GO! Tour soon! Boston first on June 25!

no, not PUPPY video…
today is monday. all of the time, ‘monday’ shares it’s first three letters in common with ‘monsterface’ (and MONKEY!). often this inspires us to post a:
MONsterface MONday (ook eek!)

in honor of our tour that starts NEXT WEEK IN BOSTON (june 25 at the middle east!!), here is a video for the new song from THIS IS AN ADVENTURE called GO!, which we’ll be playing at said rock shows!

(if it isn’t embedding, just go to our youtube channel at

so: go! will be featured in our new set – the set that premieres as part of the UNLIMITED ENTHUSIASM TOUR!

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Monsterface Monday = ADVENTURE VIDEO! Kochalka Review! 1 more day of free!

“This album lifts you up and makes you feel powerful.”
james kochalka on uncle monsterface’s ‘this is an adventure’

woaahhhhhhhh! today’s monsterface monday is AN INCREDIBLE VIDEO for the title track of the new album, “This is an Adventure!” go get it on our Youtube channel – (if it is’t embedding right here)

it features the beautiful album artwork created by our good friend, daria tessler –, with animation by none other than our own resident super-talent, Perfect Jimmy. check out daria’s whole site! she’s such a unique talent, her work is like no one else’s, if you like the album art you’ll become obsessed with all that she does (she and marty met both selling art on the streets of ny!)

so: we’ve gotten hundreds of downloads from last week’s album drop! lots of them have lead to awesome reviews… but we definitely don’t have hundreds of reviews, thoughts, and/or musings yet (though there have been many, and thanks to everyone who has made good on their word). make good on your word, citizenry! in honor of last week’s Monsterface Monday (MoMo) of such grand proportions, we’re leaving it up for one more day – today – until midnight.

so: one more day to check out the new album at need a place to review it? review it on Itunes – Cuz Itunes is fancy!

while you have one more day to download and you’re soaking in the splendor of this video and readying yourself for your OWN mighty review, check out these awesome reviews from last week!

super crazy cool = as seen above – the incomparable and legendary james kochalka gave us an amazing review on his own he’s one of our superheroes of life, if you don’t already marvel at everything he creates, please do so immediately.

and once again, z from hits our album so squarely on the head it hurts. our collective head. hurts. z rules.

while we have your attention, on a completely unrelated note, please become our facebook friend if you do that sort of thing. we had an old acct that wasn’t a band account and then had to change it all over and stuff…

next week we’ve got one more amazing monsterface monday in store for you!
then there will be a week off as we hit the road – and then PERFECT JIMMY GONE WILD will premiere on july 9 – perfect jimmy’s own weekly webcast wrapping up the week’s unlimited enthusiasm events…and whatever else he comes up with…(unlimited enthusiasm, ltd takes no responsibility for resulting lawsuits, catastrophes, or fits of weeping ‘perfect jimmy gone wild’ creates, inspires, or induces).

awesome + awesome = team monsterface
never stop a’rockin.

ever your loyal,
uncle monsterface

Youtube hit! Itunes songs! Suburban Rock show! New Martysongs!

greetings and hello forever and ever, good TEAM MONSTERFACE.

we here at MONSTERFACE INDUSTRIES are currently embroiled in a vast array of exciting endeavors. some of said endeavors can actually be shared with you, while others we are furtively toiling amidst and waiting for their imminent and sculpturesque explosion, implosion, or at the least some sort of wild and crazy careening.

let’s fashion together a
for this phantasmagoric roller coaster of news and longing, shall we?

1. the new KINGDOM REBELS is a YouTube Sensation – approaching 20,000 views!

2. Our songs are now available on the magic box known as Itunes!

3. Announcing The Second Ever Imagination Summit, September 21 in the ROCK AND ROLL HOME TOWNE SUBURBS!

4. marty is working on a crazy new song project called peanut butter and jellery! CRAZY!


now, shall we get on to delineate in finer detail this venerable grim-moire of newsworthy notions, dear TEAM? (your silence is an affirmation…)

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new metroid rock video salute.

new metroid rock video salute.

in the summer of 1987, video gamers across the globe donned a super cool space suit in order to look for awesome weapons, gather energy tanks, explore zebes, and chase a big bad monster named mother brain…

as bounty hunter samus aran,
we all felt as if we were one bad ass dude…

that is until the game was won…


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new monsterface industries KINGDOM REBELS CARTOON!!

greetings, hello, and how are you, TEAM MONSTERFACE?

KINGDOM REBELS has finally arrived, courtesy of the magical genius of BIG CASTLE PRODUCTIONS and now under the auspicious guise of a new MONSTERFACE TEE VEE special experience…
go see it now right here:
The New(est) Advnetures of Stan and Marty
(it doubles as our love letter to the good people at SEGA).

Be sure to Digg It and help us spread the word or if you don’t know what that is at all, check it out – digg rocks. put the link everywhere. embed on your little brother’s myspace!


[Video embedded after the break for your enjoyment!]

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