what’s a monsterface monday (MoMo)?

Here is a new webby site of web-ness, so allow me a MoMo(ment)(hahahhahhahhahah…cof) to re-explain MONSTERFACE MONDAYS . the deal is, every monday, we put up SOME kind of new-ish content – on the MYSPACE (myspace.com/unclemonsterface). often, this is either a song or a video. whenever it is a song, it is downloadable (unlike our others, cuz we need money like real bad ‘n stuff). the songs could be anything from: something entirely new; something that isn’t typically available on our myspace; or something that relates directly to the very windy and occasionally interesting HISTORY of uncle monsterface. when they are ‘historical’ songs, i’ll include a long-winded ‘MONTERFACE MOMENT IN HISTORICAL-OSITY-NESS’ along with it. we’ve posted commercials for UMF tee vee, weird non-vocal musical ‘blips’, strange early collaborations by all of us. all manner of tomfoolery. whatever the case, i write a long-winded narrative about the post. i referring to me, marty, the guy who yells and jumps around in the band.

we try to put them up earlier in the day, but sometimes curious obstacles intercede. a good way to tell that a ‘new something’ is here is to look for our myspace picture to change to the ‘monsterface mondays’ graphic. like so:

and there you have it, all for the cost of a bean burrito that was free and wicked good.

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