we love the wizards – an all-star salute to the HP!


as camp monsterface winds down, we here at MONSTERFACE INDUSTRIES are starting to get all wound up for a staunch and bug-swallowing motorcycle-ride full of exciting events and activities (new songs! more shows! new TEE VEE!).

but first and foremost – like so many loyal and wide-eyed members of TEAM MONSTERFACE – we’re totally excited for the final HARRY POTTER BOOK to come out! (if you don’t share this enthusiasm, skip this whole bit and wait for some cool things next week…)

now, it’s no big secret that we’re pretty good friends with a bunch of those wacky olde wizards. so by way of a salute to not only the new book, but several earth-shattering shows that the wizards have coming (as part of their universe-bending summer tour), we are happy to offer up our oldie-but-goody
“in my room of requirement (it’s always christmas)”
for free to all who want it:
it’s on our myspace
or it’s just in web-land, too!

our ROR song originally appeared on harry and the potters ‘magical christmas of magic’ CD, when on one snowy, fateful, and egg-nog bloated winter’s day an owl attacked our collective head and momentarily de-muggled us into the supreme sparkly, spangly, and wizardly entity known as ‘cousin wizardface’. our wizarding powers didn’t last long, but the experience has stayed with us forever, and we remain proud to be a part of wizard rock history appearing on the fabled xmas disc (which, incidentally – if you don’t have, you should. stubby is a song-writing genius).

in terms of the monsterface chronology and lore, this was written and recorded shortly after everything from our first full-length, ‘letter green (i love you)’, though it was released before it.

so there you have it. we’re super excited for the new book. we’re quintuple-giant-flying-robot-excited to see our wizard buddies both here in NYC and then in our mutual hometowne of the bean, where they TAKE OVER HARVARD SQUARE this friday. if you see us going crazy and rocking out (as audience members, we’re not playing these shows) at either show, say ,’hi,’ but don’t tell us a gawl-durned thing about the book, cuz we’re slow readers.
(and in point-of-fact, marty will probably be the wizard-reading representative and card-carrying populist nerd for monsterface industries in this particular instance. everyone else waits for the movies…)

from hight atop a tippy mountain made of dinosaurs, fire, and fire-breathing dinosaurs:

ever your loyal,
uncle monsterface

oh, and here’s a long-lost photo of potterface’s last supper! though harry the younger was off fighting a magical wookie or something along w/uncle monsterface, lucky for us this particular diner happened to plastered with photos of both of them. and i think that’s hagar the horrible’s arm…

and what’s that i spy on the menu as tonight ‘prophetic special’!?

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