today is a sad dae that we tried to make a bit less sad.
you see, gary gygax died.
if you don’t know, gary gygax was instrumental in creating dungeons & dragons.

welp, sad and inspired, we made him a song.
here it is:
(thank you) Gary Gygax
(or also on our myspace.)

we realize all too well the unfortunate truth is that too often, folks wait until someone has kicked the proverbial bucketcan before they say all the nice things they meant to say about them. that isn’t reason enough not to, let it just serve as a collective reminder to us all that we should tell people that we like them and that we like what they do. before they die. people have tried to convince me otherwise, and i refuse to believe it. but if you miss the boat, make them a song.

so the story is good. you see, i was home, when my friend the big j broke the news of mister gygax’s demise (and gave us the beautiful line ‘there’s no graph paper map where you’ve gone’ – thanks big j). i immediately freaked out and picked up the ukulele that i am trying to learn how to play and started singing about him. in between lyrics about orcs, i fired off an e-mail to my group of friends, whom i was LITERALLY SCHEDULED TO PLAY d & d with on this very night. seriously. we’re in the midst of a very serious campaign, looking for some dwarven artifacts. i’m a monk, which, as a class, totally rules.

paradise dan comes home early, and i attack him with a ,’DUDE! GARY GYGAX IS DEAD! WE NEED A SONG!’ team monsterface took action.

what’s doubly crazy is that we’ve been working on our new album. feverishly. like in every spare moment. tonight was our night off, when we hang out and don’t make songs. we’ve got a show on saturday (with LIMA in DOYLESTOWN PA at SIREN RECORDS you SHOULD COME!), and we’re all kinds of sleepy. but when gary gygax dies, there is no time for rest.

so, this isn’t our first tribute song. when steve erwin, crocodile hunter, died, we wrote him a song and and made him a video. it was in episode 2 of monsterface tee vee, but here it also is by itself on revver

we also did a tribute to gunpei yokoi, the guy who made up a bunch of cool video game stuff. it was on our EP, nintendode, but t\ our awesome friends at infEHnite design made IT a video.

and you know what YOU should do? make a video. for this song. that would be awesome.

okey doke, team. back to ‘this is an adventure’ for us. but we like how this came out so much, it might just make the album.

this one’s for you, mister gygax. keep ’em rollin,\. thanks for all that you gave us.

…on behalf of

your loyal,
uncle monsterface

2 thoughts on “new song! TRIBUTE TO GARY GYGAX!

  1. hey man, i work with ariel and she told me about your tribute song. well done. loved the quote: “there’s no graph paper map where you’ve gone”. brings me back, as a former gamer, to the days in uni when friday and saturday nights were campaign nights.

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