Gary Gygax follow up…. Album update!

So we are glad to see our Gary Gygax track go on to inspire many others in salute to the late, great, Gygax.

First I’d like to you to point your speakers over to Z’s ( newest podcast-

Radio Free Hipster Episopde: The There be (Dungeons &) Dragons Mixtape

A fantastic mix of D&D themed rock, opening with an all time favorite cut “Scenario.”
Anyway go listen, its like a mixtape by the best friend you forgot you had.
(oh yeah it closes with “Gary Gygax” too.)

For your eyes on this St. Pats day I submit to you this AMAZING video that we found on youtube:

Gary Gygax; fan video

We don’t know who made but… THANKS!!! ITS SWEET!!


Album Update:

We have been locking ourselves away night after night into Dino-skeleton studios but things are going well!
The bulk of the basics are done!!! WooHoo!! and we are starting vocals overdubs! (and trombone, triangle, pump organ overdubs). We are super excited about the new album and are trying to get it out to you guys as soon as possible….