Download ‘This is an Adventure!’ FREE for a WEEK WITH A PROMISE!!!



(don’t all jump up at once)

okay, repeat after us,
“I, ____________ (whatever my awesome name is), do solemnly swear to download Uncle Monsterface’s (awesome) new album, ‘This is an Adventure!’, for free, listen to it and then tell people exactly what I think, no matter what I think. Via whatever methodology I use – blog, vlog, glog, bulletin, mass mail, hieroglyph, smoke signals, sky-writing… No matter what I think about it – I will tell other people about it!”

Now Monsterface swear: touch your pinky to your nose, spin about thrice, whoop into the air, all whilst wiggling your toes (and building a huge robot out of rice).

Okay then, here it is:
(PARENTAL caution there are swears on this album)

we know it’s a bastard stepchild of radiohead ploy, but we also really want you to have it, and we want to see what’s gonna happen. go go get it, tell us what you think, tell everyone what you think!

later on, you can buy it for real if only for the AMAZING artwork by Brooklyn’s Daria Tessler:

and then check out the whole crazy press release full of an overwhelming amount of information below!

we really hope you like our new album!
here you go, for ONE WEEK ONLY!

ever your ADVENTURING,
uncle monsterface


JUNE 2, 2008 – JUNE 8, 2008

Uncle Monsterface releases their second full-length album for free (for a
week with a catch), kicking off a month of antics leading up to a six-week
national tour…

Everywhere, USA – Uncle Monsterface, self-proclaimed sock puppet rock band, proudly releases their second full length album, ‘This is an Adventure!’ – and for one week it is FREE FOR DOWNLOAD…Free with a promise, that is…

For one week, beginning June 2, 2008 Uncle Monsterface will put their album in the hands of not
just the press , but everyone. For free. With a promise. All that we ask is this: if you download it for free, please tell other people what you think about it…

As transmitted from Monsterface Industries Headquarters at Dino-Skeleton Island: “FREE WITH A PROMISE! Our word is our bond, and we believe in you, too! Blog it, Vlog it, e-mail it, or bulletin it, whatever it is you do, we want all the people to have our new album and to tell us what they think about it. Regardless of what you think! Seriously!”

Uncle Monsterface believes in the power of the internet to change the way that music, art, and ideas are expressed and exchanged. In an era where boundaries between the voice of public opinion and the filter which media attaches to it have become increasingly blurred, Monsterface aims to make things even blurrier. Though it may look like a bastard-stepchild of a Radiohead-y notion (and it is), it is meant to be more than a simple marketing ploy. Uncle Monsterface really wants to see what will happen. The album is available as mp3s in its entirety for one week only. Download it and promise to tell everyone what you think.

Download it HERE!

You can stream “Save our Superheros!” off of it right now!

Standing at a proud 38+ minutes and featuring 14 new full-length songs and several other bits of weird, the ambitious undertaking aptly titled ‘This Is an Adventure!’ features no less than three songs about vampires (unlike certain other conspicuously named Brooklyn-bands and their distinct LACK of songs about vampires). The album also includes but is not limited to songs about: monkeys made of wood, giant robots, murder, love, zombie attacks, an ode to D & D’s founding father – Gary Gygax, outer space, werewolves, outer space werewolves,, and a song about a homunculus made of broccolli and a ship made of popsicles. And a song about war between Vampires and Mashed Potatoes… And more…

In a somewhat jarring departure from the quirky electro-pop roots of their first full-length ‘letter green (i love you)’ and their follow-up EP, ‘Nintendode’, ‘This is an Adventure’ marks Uncle Monsterface’s first foray into a bounty of uncharted territories. Featuring the occasional and riotous use of live drummer, Gabriel Duquette (of Brooklyn’s ‘Sam Buck Rosen’), the sumptuous vocal stylings of female singer, Jocelyn Mackenzie (of Brooklyn’s ‘Pearl and the Beard’), and the tantalizing harmonies of the internationally renowned Dino-Skeleton Island Sock Puppet Boys and Girls and Monsters Club Choir (of Dino-Skeleton Island), as well some over-zealous string arrangements – the new album is simply bursting with new sonic treats, delights, and occasional buffets.

After the new album’s first week of unbridled freedom, it will then move on to its natural capitalist life, on sale initially with Uncle Monsterface as they tour the nation for six weeks with Harry and the Potters and Math the Band as one-third of another absurdly ambitious endeavor – The Unlimited Enthusasm Exposition 2008 – a DIY circus summer camp and rock tour (beginning June 25 at Boston’s Middle East, other national tour dates available here). The album will also go on sale via itunes this summer and will be available via mail order upon the band’s return in August, with pre-order’s being accepting throughout the course of the tour.

Leading up to the tour, the boys and puppets of Monsterafce will resurrect their tradition of dropping free content to their loyal MySpace community via Monsterface Mondays – with the FULL FREE album signifying the first of three weeks of fun before they hit the road. The following two weeks of Monsterface Mondays leading up to tour will feature new video content found on the critically accalimed Monsterface Tee Vee, Uncle Monsterface’s own YouTube channel.

Monsterface Mondays will continue throughout the tour, as Monsterface’s own absentee touring member, Perfect Jimmy, will host his own weekly tour summary, ‘Perfect Jimmy Gone Wild’ via a remote transmission from Dino-Skeleton Island – featuring videos from the road by the bands, the fans, and Jimmy’s own antics from the home-base.

Known for quirky songs laden with weirdness and geek-culture references as well as a over-the top live show featuring video projections, a sock puppet theater, giant monsters, and tons of energy – Uncle Monsterface is Marty Allen yelling and jumping about, (Paradise) Dan Brennan playing rock guitar, and (Perfect) Jimmy Bernardinelli on the keytar. Originally from Boston, Monsterface set up their home-base in Brooklyn two years ago. “This Is an Adventure” is their second full-length album.

“Uncle Monsterface is a multi-media experience, a term that does the surreal phenomenon that is this band no justice…If sock puppets, psychedelic prairie dogs and inflatable lobsters aren’t your thing, you should probably move along.” –

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  1. Will I still be able to buy a physical copy from the merch table at tour?

    Because while I’m DLing it now, I would totally still pay for a CD.

    Because I love you that way.

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