New Puppety Video for GO! Tour soon! Boston first on June 25!

no, not PUPPY video…
today is monday. all of the time, ‘monday’ shares it’s first three letters in common with ‘monsterface’ (and MONKEY!). often this inspires us to post a:
MONsterface MONday (ook eek!)

in honor of our tour that starts NEXT WEEK IN BOSTON (june 25 at the middle east!!), here is a video for the new song from THIS IS AN ADVENTURE called GO!, which we’ll be playing at said rock shows!

(if it isn’t embedding, just go to our youtube channel at

so: go! will be featured in our new set – the set that premieres as part of the UNLIMITED ENTHUSIASM TOUR!

you know, our spectacularly huge tour with the super amazing wizard powers of our best friends of rock HARRY and the POTTERS!! and the phenomenal mind-bending rock-tastic aerobics of our other best friends of rolll MATH the BAND! BOSTON – you’re up first! MAINE – you got us next! NYC – we’re back for two days! rest of tha nation – we’re coming!

seriously, TEAM – this show is going to be amazing, we’re all wildly excited about this summer and we’re really trying to make it something more than your average show or tour. it’s a DIY traveling summer camp circus crazy rock tour and freak show – and we not only want you there – we need you there.

go! is particularly dedicated to the spirit of Unlimited Enthusiasm – both the perpetual push towards it, and its carnival-esque roots – so we’re really excited to release this just before we, um… go. it was filmed on coney island, a place that is (for what we hope are obvious reasons) very dear to our collective monsterface heart. it stars the fabulous flying zambinis – three superawesome sock puppet circus performers (and orphans) – all of whom are available as a part of marty’s sock puppet portraits – though the zambinis are still only for sale on the streets of nyc…and PLIM will be available on tour!

awright everyone! we’re gonna have a week off of monsterface mondays. when they return in two weeks, you’ll be hit by the thunderstorm of life and awesomeness that is PERFECT JIMMY GONE WILD. as we’ve mentioned, we’re sad to report that jimmy can’t go with us for the whole tour. but he will indeed be with us in many ways, not the least of which will be his weekly UNLIMITED ENTHUSIASM wrap-up and misadventure show-nanaza.

hopefully we’ll see you on the rock and roll road!

(see calendar for full list of tour dates!)

ever your loyal,
uncle monsterface