Uncle Monsterface presents Jokey Jingles Ultimate Dance Party Mix Volume 3 to release for free November 2! See the commercial right now!

Brooklyn, NY/The Internet/The World – Monday, November 2, 2009, Uncle Monsterface, sock puppet (and human) rock band, will release their long-awaited EP of covers, “Jokey Jingles Ultimate Dance Party Mix, Volume 3”. For the cost of an e-mail address. Hopefully yours. All current members (in good standing) of Monsterface’s e-mail list will immediately be able to download the new EP at no cost, and anyone who signs up for the e-mail list thereafter can do the same.

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‘Jingles’ also includes: Madonna’s “Like A Prayer”, legendary super-heroic pop punk stars The Aquabats’ “Worms Make Dirt”, and legendary art rock eyeballs The Residents’ “Blue Rosebuds”.

In honor of the release of “Jokey Jingles”, on November 2 Uncle Monsterface will also release their self-produced video for their cover of Madonna’s “Like A Prayer”. A shameless and disturbing parody, the video was previously only seen as part of their visually aggressive live show and will be available at Uncle Monsterface’s “Monsterface Tee Vee” – http://www.youtube.com/unclemonsterface.