Download our new EP of covers for free and get this party started!

Greetings Team Monsterface!

All of your hard work as a sock puppet rock supporter has almost come together!
Download our new EP of covers, “Jokey Jingles Ultimate Dance Party Mix Volume 3” for free today, all you need to do is join our email list! —–>
Jokey Jingles Cover
Songs by Madonna, The Aquabats, Britney Spears, The Residents, and Oingo Boingo. Re-made the Monsterface way!

Go, download your five songs and nifty album art, and then tell us what you think!
Does your friend, pet, or valued local clerk want their copy of “Jokey Jingles”, too? Do us a favor and have them sign our e-mail list rather than just sharing this easily circumvented url. Or else we will send an army of kittens to steal your breath and scratch at your feet in the night. Robot Ninjas can’t even stop them…

Ever your loyal,
Uncle Monsterface

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