Book Party for Marty with Uncle Monsterface, Corn Mo, Joe DeGeorge

Holy frijole! It’s a book party for Marty!
A couple of months ago, Marty’s first book, “Sock Puppet Madness,” was published. It took a minute, but now we’re having an awesome party to celebrate!

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marty book party postcard

Uncle Monsterface will be performing an epic set featuring several new songs!
(in case you don’t know, Marty is in this band…)
Corn Mo will be performing a rare solo set!
Joe DeGeorge will be doing something awesome!

And of course Marty will sign books, and have Sock Puppet Portraits for sale!
And! There will be a free sock puppet making workshop for the first 20 willing participants and anyone else who brings a sock!

Also! There is a high likelihood that there will be balloons and video games!

And secretly perhaps some sort of superband atthe end! Shhh!
The Gutter is an awesome place to go see shows!
This is FREE!!!!!!!!

Praise for Marty Allen’s “Sock Puppet Madness”’s Geekdad Zed declared it:
“…that rare craft book that always inspires and never intimidates…an enthusiastic blend of whimsy and wonder…the perfect craft book for makers of any skill level and kids of all ages…a book that any rainy-day caregiver or elementary school teacher should have on his or her reading shelf.”

Peter Linz aka Walter the Muppet, star of the hit film “The Muppets” says:
“Read it. Loved it… Marty Allen has simultaneously simplified and elevated the art of designing sock puppets…”

The MindHut’s Becky Ferreira declared,” much more than a DIY puppetry guide. It’s more like a manifesto for how to succeed in life as a creative nerd, and that’s what makes it so refreshing. The sheer inventiveness of this book is contagious…Any nerd embarking on his/her own creative venture could benefit from his example.”

Legendary performer and artist Corn Mo insists:
“I love manuals. I love puppets. Here is a marriage of the two written in Marty’s voice. Ergo, Sock Puppet Madness is a perfect book.”

Amazing author and illustrator of “Astronaut Academy” and “Teen Boat,” Dave Roman asserts:
“Sock Puppet Madness is the perfect gift for the creative person in your life. A truly inspired book, filled with simple yet clever, step-by-step guides to building one-of-a-kind puppet personalities. Whether it’s Baron Claudius Von Cudgel, Pete the Notable Ninja, or your own original creations, the oddball fun found within is positively infectious.”

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