new monsterface industries KINGDOM REBELS CARTOON!!

greetings, hello, and how are you, TEAM MONSTERFACE?

KINGDOM REBELS has finally arrived, courtesy of the magical genius of BIG CASTLE PRODUCTIONS and now under the auspicious guise of a new MONSTERFACE TEE VEE special experience…
go see it now right here:
The New(est) Advnetures of Stan and Marty
(it doubles as our love letter to the good people at SEGA).

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[Video embedded after the break for your enjoyment!]

like so many of the adventures and advances distributed and re-distributed by the good people here at MONSTERFACE INDUSTRIES, kingdom rebels is no less a family affair than our legendary thanksgibbons dinner.

directed and animated by boy genius, uncle monsterface’s perfect jimmy, featuring the voice scrapings of uncle monsterface’s lead yeller and jumper, marty allen and uncle monsterface’s puppet wrangler du jour, mister jesse farrell, and highlighting the extra-mighty sound designing might of uncle monsterface’s guitarsmith paradise dan, this third installment of the adventures, wanderings, and daily activities of two wayward alien creatures named Stan and Marty promises to stun, stupefy, and quite probably make hungry.

let us know what you think of our controversial gem! tell a friend! spread the monsterlove!

and there are many other things bipping and bopping throughout our world. shows a’brewin’, technological marvels aboundin’, new songs a’bein’ made. we will endeavor to keep you post, might team-mates of rock-awesome!

ever your loyal,
uncle monsterface

this cartoon contains explicit ideas, inapproprioate notions, and is not for the wee ones:

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