new metroid rock video salute.

new metroid rock video salute.

in the summer of 1987, video gamers across the globe donned a super cool space suit in order to look for awesome weapons, gather energy tanks, explore zebes, and chase a big bad monster named mother brain…

as bounty hunter samus aran,
we all felt as if we were one bad ass dude…

that is until the game was won…


with the new ‘metroid prime 3: corruption’ nearly upon us (it releases next week), we thought it would be fun to put together a video salute. we are very excited about this newest metroid for the wii. we’re pretty sure it will totally rule (hey, we were right about the wii, weren’t we? by the way, do we get a badge for that?).

as some folks may remember, last year when the nintendo wii came out, we released a short online rock n roll tribute to nintendo:
NINTENDODE: Songs for the Big N

one little half-song-prelude-type-thingy on there was about our alien-hunting super friend, samus aran, saluting every young gamer’s adolescent discovery that samus wasn’t simply totally badass, but once you finished the game (and escaped in time), you realized that samus was a totally badass (and super foxy) LADY.

perhaps an inherent belief that any gun-toting alien hunter would have to be a dude is, at its core, somewhat wrong-headed (ask sigourney). but such stereotypes and predispositions are sometimes hard-wired (not that this makes them okay), and can certainly be understood when put in the hands of a 10-year-old boy in the 1980s. but therein lies the double awesome-ness of what is already on its own merits, one of the greatest games of all time – its hero is a lady. a bold and awesome move, creating what is arguably the greatest video game heroine of all time. just one more reason to salute our dear departed friend mister gunpei yokoi (something we obviously did. this little song was a prelude to our salute to mister yokoi).

we are working on a ton of stuff, we miss playing shows, and a lot is happening. we TEAM MONSTERFACE swear.

ever your loyal,
uncle monsterface

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