new metroid rock video salute.

new metroid rock video salute.

in the summer of 1987, video gamers across the globe donned a super cool space suit in order to look for awesome weapons, gather energy tanks, explore zebes, and chase a big bad monster named mother brain…

as bounty hunter samus aran,
we all felt as if we were one bad ass dude…

that is until the game was won…


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new monsterface industries KINGDOM REBELS CARTOON!!

greetings, hello, and how are you, TEAM MONSTERFACE?

KINGDOM REBELS has finally arrived, courtesy of the magical genius of BIG CASTLE PRODUCTIONS and now under the auspicious guise of a new MONSTERFACE TEE VEE special experience…
go see it now right here:
The New(est) Advnetures of Stan and Marty
(it doubles as our love letter to the good people at SEGA).

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[Video embedded after the break for your enjoyment!]

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