batman and spiderman finally agree…

…that you should go become friends wit (or at least check out) my new sock puppety creations.

show the kids that not everyone has jumped shipped to faceplace.
do it for spiderman.

new puppet profiles, featuring songz:
=confusing german composer of pretentious glory
or link here
= ornery bartender from boston, as recorded from his bar
[for my home towne peepz]
or link here

you don’t haveta be on the facspaceplace to check-a the profiles OR download the songz.

batman sayz:
“sometimes i’m all sittin around the bat cave, and i just don’t feel like figuring out the crime, and i’m like, man, i gotta go look at that sock puppet profile, where’s my collander?”

spiderman sayz:
“geez, i really need to do my laundry. when will i find the time?”
he says that WHILE checking out sock puppet myspaces…

(on behalf of batman and spiderman. who keep calling]