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last MoMo for now=old martysong that will be a new umfsong.

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that’s right, TEAM MONSTERFACE,
it’s almost time for CAMP MONSTERFACE, and when camp comes, Monsterface Mondays goes on a much-needed break.

but first we bring you a martysong classic that is definitely going to become a monsterface force of destruction when we get together to write in july-
ROCK 4 LUV (marty demo)
careful, there are explicit (yet for once, appropriately so) lyrics.
it feels like a pretty good place to leave the MoMo – a rock song of rocking hope that will become even more awesome once it gets monsterfaced up. i wrote it over two years ago, before there even WAS an uncle monsterface. and i’ll be playing it TOMORROW NIGHT at
a super rare SOLO rock show of marty’s songs!

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sign up today! join our internet camp of magical rainbow wonder, harrowing internet pony rides, and blistering internet ropes courses! CAMP MONSTERFACE IS COMING – 8 weeks of sock puppet rock and roll supervised (unsupervised) activities and nonsense. FREE! just send us your e-mail to
- we do the rest – camp officially strats MONDAY JUNE 4!

okay, TEAM MONSTERFACE, the rumors are all too true.
come june, Monsterface Mondays (or MoMo for short), will go on a much-needed hiatus. we love the MoMo, and we’ll DEFINITELY bring it back – but Marty (official MoMo custodian) hits the road through june to rock the nation with wizard superstars Harry and the Potters helping carry stuff, having fun, and selling his small portraits of sock puppets across the nation (including SPECIAL EDITION WIZARD SOCK PUPPET PORTRAITS).

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