last MoMo for now=old martysong that will be a new umfsong.

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that’s right, TEAM MONSTERFACE,
it’s almost time for CAMP MONSTERFACE, and when camp comes, Monsterface Mondays goes on a much-needed break.

but first we bring you a martysong classic that is definitely going to become a monsterface force of destruction when we get together to write in july-
ROCK 4 LUV (marty demo)
careful, there are explicit (yet for once, appropriately so) lyrics.
it feels like a pretty good place to leave the MoMo – a rock song of rocking hope that will become even more awesome once it gets monsterfaced up. i wrote it over two years ago, before there even WAS an uncle monsterface. and i’ll be playing it TOMORROW NIGHT at
a super rare SOLO rock show of marty’s songs!

tuesday, may 29th
with MATH the Band (!) and 8-Bit Betty
74 Leonard Street NY, NY 10013 | $8 | doors at 7pm – early show

ayup. no MoMo for at least two months, but as you all should know by now, Monday will now be the day that we drop that week’s respective CAMP ACTIVITY, at which point YOU GUYS will be the ones generating new stuff… awesome!

me? i’ll be on the road throughout the month of june with wizard rock superstars and best friends Harry and the Potters, selling their stuff, carrying their stuff, partying, and selling my small portraits of sock puppets, including three SPECIAL EDITION WIZARD SOCK PUPPET PORTRAITS.

i’m thinking i’ll bring some of the new presidents, too. cuz i made some presidents (washington, lincoln, and VAN BUREN!), some circus performers, and a bunch of new puppets and portraits for an exhibition i will be in in chicago! go check it out if you are anywhere near there!

june 4 – july 14
marty’s sock puppet portraits at a gallery! including 9 brand-new-original-made-in- honor-of-this-exhibition and AWESOMENESS to be displayed at 11″x14″
“Under 5 Feet” at the Chicago Art Source Gallery
1871 N Clybrun Ave in Chicago, IL
with receptions on june 8 and 16( which i won’t be at, cuz i’ll be off with the wizards…but go for me!)

but before i go off with the wizards, we rock out with them
friday, june 1st
at the KNITTING FACTORY | doors at 6:00pm| All Ages!! | $10

then we come back in july and make up lots of new songs. the goal is eventually to make a second full(ish)album (probably), but we have no idea when that’ll actually occur. in all likelihood, we’ll make a bunch of new songs up and play them a lot in front of peoples before we delve into the full adventure of album 2. but we expect and hope for that to drop before the year is out.

then there’ll be a new episode of tee vee soon, too, but you’re already overwhelmed, and you need to finish packing for camp, so i won’t bother you with more details.

okay! maybe i’ll see some of you guys at camp OR on the road OR both. don’t EVER stop a’rockin, MoMo WILL return, and have the most awesomebest summertime EVERRRRRR (and DOWN WITH standardized testing!)!

goodbye for now, Monsterface Monday, but not forever. our time together has been a refreshing glass of all-natural rock and roll berryjuice. YUM!

on behalf of your loyal monsterface,
i’m just marty