last MoMo for now=old martysong that will be a new umfsong.

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that’s right, TEAM MONSTERFACE,
it’s almost time for CAMP MONSTERFACE, and when camp comes, Monsterface Mondays goes on a much-needed break.

but first we bring you a martysong classic that is definitely going to become a monsterface force of destruction when we get together to write in july-
ROCK 4 LUV (marty demo)
careful, there are explicit (yet for once, appropriately so) lyrics.
it feels like a pretty good place to leave the MoMo – a rock song of rocking hope that will become even more awesome once it gets monsterfaced up. i wrote it over two years ago, before there even WAS an uncle monsterface. and i’ll be playing it TOMORROW NIGHT at
a super rare SOLO rock show of marty’s songs!

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(nyc) rare marty solo rock show with math!

hi and hello, everyone!
marty from uncle monsterface will be playing a super duper rare rock show with our new ridiculously radical rock and roll friend math the band!

tuesday, may 29
math the band
8-bit betty
in the old office
74 Leonard Street
New York, NY 10013
doors are at 7pm, show starts PROMPTLY at 7:30

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knife fight is a song marty made with Lemon Demon

ho howdy!
quickly – go check out the super-awesome new lemon demon song ‘knife fight’ in which he and i fight. with knifes!
it turns out that the lemon demon and i actually grew up on the same street, so we decided to take it back to the very mean streets on which we were raised. with, you know… knifes. cuz kingston is, um…pretty rough and…ummm… awfully street?

AND it’s a totally rocktastic jam, and i’m super-honored to have been a part of it.

and rest assured, i cut the punk up.

(kids, don’t fight with knifes!)

yours in squalor,

ps: we’ll be rocking out with lemon demon, math the band, and the lima research society on april 21 at CT’s TOQUET HALL in the first IMAGINATION SUMMIT with more to come! holy awesome!

what’s a monsterface monday (MoMo)?

Here is a new webby site of web-ness, so allow me a MoMo(ment)(hahahhahhahhahah…cof) to re-explain MONSTERFACE MONDAYS . the deal is, every monday, we put up SOME kind of new-ish content – on the MYSPACE ( often, this is either a song or a video. whenever it is a song, it is downloadable (unlike our others, cuz we need money like real bad ‘n stuff). the songs could be anything from: something entirely new; something that isn’t typically available on our myspace; or something that relates directly to the very windy and occasionally interesting HISTORY of uncle monsterface. when they are ‘historical’ songs, i’ll include a long-winded ‘MONTERFACE MOMENT IN HISTORICAL-OSITY-NESS’ along with it. we’ve posted commercials for UMF tee vee, weird non-vocal musical ‘blips’, strange early collaborations by all of us. all manner of tomfoolery. whatever the case, i write a long-winded narrative about the post. i referring to me, marty, the guy who yells and jumps around in the band.

we try to put them up earlier in the day, but sometimes curious obstacles intercede. a good way to tell that a ‘new something’ is here is to look for our myspace picture to change to the ‘monsterface mondays’ graphic. like so:

and there you have it, all for the cost of a bean burrito that was free and wicked good.