Brooklyn Rock Tomorrow with Math and Lima!

Dearest friends, associates, well-wishers, boat captains and the like,

First and foremost – Happy New Year from your friends here at Monsterface Industries.

Dust off your newly resolved and (and quite probably still somewhat groggy) New Year’s bottom(s) , because:
We have an awesome rock show tomorrow night featuring a new video and song (and all of the other awesome stuff that we do)!

Saturday, January 3, 2009
NEW New Years Party
Math the Band
Lima Research Society
and some band called
Uncle Monsterface
Surreal Estate
15 Thames St | Brooklyn, NY
Take “L” Train to Morgan stop, just a couple of blocks away
All Ages | Doors at 9pm | $8

Help us and tell people and tell their friends and yours!
At this rock show we hereby pledge to: premiere a song from “This is an Adventure” that we have never played in front of people before!AND! to premiere a new short EXERCISE VIDEO that is the perfect(ly upsetting) way to ring in the new year…

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Sock Puppet Vampire has a NEW SONG for You!

Greetings! friend of the world of Sock Puppets and their Portraits!
refresher course: Marty from Uncle Monsterface sells Sock Puppet Portraits for a living.

So: a lots been going down and up and over and under in the world of the Ultimate Gift of Love. Let’s find out all about it, shall we?

New Myspace songs:
Sooooo, there are some new Sock Puppet Portrait Myspaces! And as most folks already know, all the NEW Sock Puppet Myspaces have a song that they wrote themselves despite (or because of) their lack of arms!

So, joining the Series 2 ranks with Spot the Elusive Dinosaur are The Nutty Bunny and now, just in time for Halloweenie Time – Frank the Vampire Superintendent singing about his army of undead bugs! (Any resemblance to actual Superintendents who I always fight with is strictly probably coincidental or something).

Once again, gang, these Myspace songs, while remaining totally PG, are turning out a bit dark. I suspect a few of the upcoming guys will be a bit lighter…

Remember: you don’t have to be on Myspace to check these profiles out. But if you ARE and you’re amused, make them your friends. It helps me! (And fret not, a Facebook group is coming soon…)

We went on tour!

Hi internet world of worlds!
We’re back from our big huge tour, and the reports you’ve heard are partially accurate – it was the best time ever! But we’re super excited to be re-united with Perfect Jimmy, and we’re currently huddled together in the warm and glowy confines of Dino-skeleton Island planning escapades, misadventures, and oddly enough a tupperware party. For zombies! But we assure you that big news is not only afoot, but also a huge hand worthy of the Yeti.

Ahhhh, the mighty Yeti…

Need something Monsterfacey to do in the meantime?
Write a review of “This is an Adventure’ on iTunes. Or else make me a sandwich. Or both!
I’m hungry…

More sooooooooon!

ever your representative of loyalty, joviality, and a confused sense of liability,

Monsterface Monday = ADVENTURE VIDEO! Kochalka Review! 1 more day of free!

“This album lifts you up and makes you feel powerful.”
james kochalka on uncle monsterface’s ‘this is an adventure’

woaahhhhhhhh! today’s monsterface monday is AN INCREDIBLE VIDEO for the title track of the new album, “This is an Adventure!” go get it on our Youtube channel – (if it is’t embedding right here)

it features the beautiful album artwork created by our good friend, daria tessler –, with animation by none other than our own resident super-talent, Perfect Jimmy. check out daria’s whole site! she’s such a unique talent, her work is like no one else’s, if you like the album art you’ll become obsessed with all that she does (she and marty met both selling art on the streets of ny!)

so: we’ve gotten hundreds of downloads from last week’s album drop! lots of them have lead to awesome reviews… but we definitely don’t have hundreds of reviews, thoughts, and/or musings yet (though there have been many, and thanks to everyone who has made good on their word). make good on your word, citizenry! in honor of last week’s Monsterface Monday (MoMo) of such grand proportions, we’re leaving it up for one more day – today – until midnight.

so: one more day to check out the new album at need a place to review it? review it on Itunes – Cuz Itunes is fancy!

while you have one more day to download and you’re soaking in the splendor of this video and readying yourself for your OWN mighty review, check out these awesome reviews from last week!

super crazy cool = as seen above – the incomparable and legendary james kochalka gave us an amazing review on his own he’s one of our superheroes of life, if you don’t already marvel at everything he creates, please do so immediately.

and once again, z from hits our album so squarely on the head it hurts. our collective head. hurts. z rules.

while we have your attention, on a completely unrelated note, please become our facebook friend if you do that sort of thing. we had an old acct that wasn’t a band account and then had to change it all over and stuff…

next week we’ve got one more amazing monsterface monday in store for you!
then there will be a week off as we hit the road – and then PERFECT JIMMY GONE WILD will premiere on july 9 – perfect jimmy’s own weekly webcast wrapping up the week’s unlimited enthusiasm events…and whatever else he comes up with…(unlimited enthusiasm, ltd takes no responsibility for resulting lawsuits, catastrophes, or fits of weeping ‘perfect jimmy gone wild’ creates, inspires, or induces).

awesome + awesome = team monsterface
never stop a’rockin.

ever your loyal,
uncle monsterface

(nyc) suddenly there is a martysongs show this monday

not so suddenly. i’ve just been lousy about promoting it.
this show is with one of my best friend’s ever (gabe of count chocula-making fame playing drums for sam rosen), at a really cool place in brooklyn called ‘goodbye blue mondays,’ which is sort of like the kind of place you’d run into when chased bvy bullies and find a magical book that transforms you into some sort of dragon-riding terror.

this monday!
july 30
somewhere around maybe 8 or 9
i think it might be free, and is probably all ages!
sam buck rosen/MartySongs/AngelDeradoorian

come see me play songs by myself!

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i’m back! aw yeah!

i am back from running across the country with some wizards!
(for those not keeping up, for the month of june in the year 2007, i hit the road with flagship wizard rockers harry and the potters to help carry stuff, sell stuff, help make them sound nice, and to sell my own sock puppet portraits and see our grrrreat nation.)

we ran all the way from brooklyn to los angeles, rocking out every night at breakneck speeds of mightiness and with the unbridled fury of boundless awesomeness.

‘how was your trip across the country with the wizards?’ a curious and intrepid young sailor or spelunker might ask.

‘very excellent, indeed,‘ i would answer.
which would be a colossal but politically necessary lie…

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last MoMo for now=old martysong that will be a new umfsong.

(find MONSTERFACE MONDAYS at our Myspace)

that’s right, TEAM MONSTERFACE,
it’s almost time for CAMP MONSTERFACE, and when camp comes, Monsterface Mondays goes on a much-needed break.

but first we bring you a martysong classic that is definitely going to become a monsterface force of destruction when we get together to write in july-
ROCK 4 LUV (marty demo)
careful, there are explicit (yet for once, appropriately so) lyrics.
it feels like a pretty good place to leave the MoMo – a rock song of rocking hope that will become even more awesome once it gets monsterfaced up. i wrote it over two years ago, before there even WAS an uncle monsterface. and i’ll be playing it TOMORROW NIGHT at
a super rare SOLO rock show of marty’s songs!

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(nyc) rare marty solo rock show with math!

hi and hello, everyone!
marty from uncle monsterface will be playing a super duper rare rock show with our new ridiculously radical rock and roll friend math the band!

tuesday, may 29
math the band
8-bit betty
in the old office
74 Leonard Street
New York, NY 10013
doors are at 7pm, show starts PROMPTLY at 7:30

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knife fight is a song marty made with Lemon Demon

ho howdy!
quickly – go check out the super-awesome new lemon demon song ‘knife fight’ in which he and i fight. with knifes!
it turns out that the lemon demon and i actually grew up on the same street, so we decided to take it back to the very mean streets on which we were raised. with, you know… knifes. cuz kingston is, um…pretty rough and…ummm… awfully street?

AND it’s a totally rocktastic jam, and i’m super-honored to have been a part of it.

and rest assured, i cut the punk up.

(kids, don’t fight with knifes!)

yours in squalor,

ps: we’ll be rocking out with lemon demon, math the band, and the lima research society on april 21 at CT’s TOQUET HALL in the first IMAGINATION SUMMIT with more to come! holy awesome!

what’s a monsterface monday (MoMo)?

Here is a new webby site of web-ness, so allow me a MoMo(ment)(hahahhahhahhahah…cof) to re-explain MONSTERFACE MONDAYS . the deal is, every monday, we put up SOME kind of new-ish content – on the MYSPACE ( often, this is either a song or a video. whenever it is a song, it is downloadable (unlike our others, cuz we need money like real bad ‘n stuff). the songs could be anything from: something entirely new; something that isn’t typically available on our myspace; or something that relates directly to the very windy and occasionally interesting HISTORY of uncle monsterface. when they are ‘historical’ songs, i’ll include a long-winded ‘MONTERFACE MOMENT IN HISTORICAL-OSITY-NESS’ along with it. we’ve posted commercials for UMF tee vee, weird non-vocal musical ‘blips’, strange early collaborations by all of us. all manner of tomfoolery. whatever the case, i write a long-winded narrative about the post. i referring to me, marty, the guy who yells and jumps around in the band.

we try to put them up earlier in the day, but sometimes curious obstacles intercede. a good way to tell that a ‘new something’ is here is to look for our myspace picture to change to the ‘monsterface mondays’ graphic. like so:

and there you have it, all for the cost of a bean burrito that was free and wicked good.