Monsterface Monday = ADVENTURE VIDEO! Kochalka Review! 1 more day of free!

“This album lifts you up and makes you feel powerful.”
james kochalka on uncle monsterface’s ‘this is an adventure’

woaahhhhhhhh! today’s monsterface monday is AN INCREDIBLE VIDEO for the title track of the new album, “This is an Adventure!” go get it on our Youtube channel – (if it is’t embedding right here)

it features the beautiful album artwork created by our good friend, daria tessler –, with animation by none other than our own resident super-talent, Perfect Jimmy. check out daria’s whole site! she’s such a unique talent, her work is like no one else’s, if you like the album art you’ll become obsessed with all that she does (she and marty met both selling art on the streets of ny!)

so: we’ve gotten hundreds of downloads from last week’s album drop! lots of them have lead to awesome reviews… but we definitely don’t have hundreds of reviews, thoughts, and/or musings yet (though there have been many, and thanks to everyone who has made good on their word). make good on your word, citizenry! in honor of last week’s Monsterface Monday (MoMo) of such grand proportions, we’re leaving it up for one more day – today – until midnight.

so: one more day to check out the new album at need a place to review it? review it on Itunes – Cuz Itunes is fancy!

while you have one more day to download and you’re soaking in the splendor of this video and readying yourself for your OWN mighty review, check out these awesome reviews from last week!

super crazy cool = as seen above – the incomparable and legendary james kochalka gave us an amazing review on his own he’s one of our superheroes of life, if you don’t already marvel at everything he creates, please do so immediately.

and once again, z from hits our album so squarely on the head it hurts. our collective head. hurts. z rules.

while we have your attention, on a completely unrelated note, please become our facebook friend if you do that sort of thing. we had an old acct that wasn’t a band account and then had to change it all over and stuff…

next week we’ve got one more amazing monsterface monday in store for you!
then there will be a week off as we hit the road – and then PERFECT JIMMY GONE WILD will premiere on july 9 – perfect jimmy’s own weekly webcast wrapping up the week’s unlimited enthusiasm events…and whatever else he comes up with…(unlimited enthusiasm, ltd takes no responsibility for resulting lawsuits, catastrophes, or fits of weeping ‘perfect jimmy gone wild’ creates, inspires, or induces).

awesome + awesome = team monsterface
never stop a’rockin.

ever your loyal,
uncle monsterface

3 more days of free new album! amazing review on ! write yours on itunes, because the album is available there now!

the free album only has 3 more days of freedom! (still available here: – Parental CAUTION there are swearwords on this album…)
we’ve seen hundreds of downloads! downloads that came with a promise…a promise to tell us and the world what you think about “This is an Adventure!”
but we’ve only seen a handful of reviews!

now is your chance to be heard! you are a part of TEAM MONSTERFACE – shout it out loudly!
the album was released today on itunes – put your review on up!
Please Review This is An Adventure! on Itunes!

do you need inspiration?
our AMAZING new friend Z from has given us what amounts to the coolest review we’ve ever seen. seriously, we’re just stunned. this guy took out his review hammer and nailed us square on the rock and roll head and heart and hands with it. he’s seen through our smoke and mirrors! seriously, z is WICKED AWESOME, and so is his review. check it out and check out everything that he does.

you need more inspiration?
check out the amazing comic cover by our incomparably talented friend and collaborator jesse farrell on our myspace page. it’s there in honor of one of the lead tracks on the new album, “Save Our Superheroes!”, now available as a free download on myspace (while supplies last).

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Download ‘This is an Adventure!’ FREE for a WEEK WITH A PROMISE!!!



(don’t all jump up at once)

okay, repeat after us,
“I, ____________ (whatever my awesome name is), do solemnly swear to download Uncle Monsterface’s (awesome) new album, ‘This is an Adventure!’, for free, listen to it and then tell people exactly what I think, no matter what I think. Via whatever methodology I use – blog, vlog, glog, bulletin, mass mail, hieroglyph, smoke signals, sky-writing… No matter what I think about it – I will tell other people about it!”

Now Monsterface swear: touch your pinky to your nose, spin about thrice, whoop into the air, all whilst wiggling your toes (and building a huge robot out of rice).

Okay then, here it is:
(PARENTAL caution there are swears on this album)

we know it’s a bastard stepchild of radiohead ploy, but we also really want you to have it, and we want to see what’s gonna happen. go go get it, tell us what you think, tell everyone what you think!

later on, you can buy it for real if only for the AMAZING artwork by Brooklyn’s Daria Tessler:

and then check out the whole crazy press release full of an overwhelming amount of information below!

we really hope you like our new album!
here you go, for ONE WEEK ONLY!

ever your ADVENTURING,
uncle monsterface

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Are you ready for the Remix!

So, a few weeks ago, I got asked to make a remix by my good friend Z and by the power of the fates I got handed the vocal tracks to “Felix Felicis” by our boys Harry and the Potters.

I have never “remixed” anything before but I had just received this cool DS synthesizer made by Pixelh8 and I always wanted to try it so I figured I’d give it a shot.

On a side note the DS synth is AWESOME. You’ll hear more of it on “This is an Adventure.” Thank god I didn’t get that new toy until the album was 90% done, otherwise it would have been on every track on there.

Anyway first I tried doing a mashup. For those of you unfamiliar with mashups its when you take 2 or more song put them in a blender and pour out a cool and refreshing audio milk shake. After a few passes I realized that I’m not allowed to play with the blender.

So I went back to my DS synth and banged out this:

Felix Felicis (Dumbledore’s DS Mix)

I suggest you go to Hipster, Please! and check out the all the other cool mixes that people done. There’s more wrock and some geek rock and a bunch of nerd-core hip hop. Its pretty awesome.

BTW – the new UMF album is done, I listened to it at the gym yesterday. I think you guys will really like it. The CDs are being made as we speak and files are going to magical itunes land. We should have something for you guys in a few weeks.

okay back to tour planning!


friday, may 2, 2008
we rock
The Knitting Factory
(tap bar)
with the amazing
and the super cool besties
doors at 7pm | $8 | all ages
74 Leonard Street in NYCNYCNYCNYCNYC

there are a variety of compelling reasons to go to this show.
first of all, fishboy released what is seriously our favorite album of 2007. seriously. he’s amazing, amazingly nice, and touring from denton, TX. he sings songs about buddy holly’s ghost!

next of all, it’s the knitting factory. but it isn’t just the knit. for some inexplicable reason, we’re headlining the tap bar, or medium capacity room. so please come to show the knit that we belong there.

but most importantly…
it’s PARADISE DAN’S BIRTHDAEEEEEEE! curiously enough, this will be our second monsterface birthdae at the knit…bring him presents…

and as ever, we promise you a sock puppet rock band cover of madonna’s like a prayer…


hello and howdy, good TEAM MONSTERFACE.
we put something special up for you, in honor of this very fine and historic
it’s a crazy LIVE DRUMS version of DEROCKRACY!
(currently living on the myspace. don’t fear the myspace, you needn’t be on it to listen, and if you are on it, say ‘howdy’.)

vote, participate, talk about the election with everyone and do your best not to succumb to the political cynicism that runs rampant like a kid on a sweet new big wheel. if you don’t vote, don’t complain. you forfeit your right. we aren’t terribly interested in mixing up politics with our sock puppet rock band, so that’s as much as you’ll ever get from us…

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new song new song new song


we here at MONSTERFACE INDUSTRIES realize that GIFT DAE has already gone by, but if we’re not mistaken the gifty-bot-unicorn-omatrix-omonster klaw 5800 might have left something else tucked behind the GIFT DAE vortex…

that’s right, we think you missed a present…

go ahead…unwrap it…
oh don’t worry about the paper…
what is it?
what is it?!


check it on the myspace
or just listen right here.

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hello and hi, team monsterface.
oh the things we are up to!
there are a variety of them!

our newly founded table of contents matrix presents:

1. the second ever imagination summit next friday in kingston massachusetts (which isn’t far from boston) read all about it here cuz we were on the front page of the home town news(!):

2. announcing a new new york city show! an all ages and FREE one! thursday, october 25 at the sidewalk cafe with the elastic no-no band and other new friends!

3. we are officially working on new uncle monsterface songs for a new uncle monsterface album!

4. there are three all new martysongs available from his ‘peanut butter & jellery’ project via the internet! ( )

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we love the wizards – an all-star salute to the HP!


as camp monsterface winds down, we here at MONSTERFACE INDUSTRIES are starting to get all wound up for a staunch and bug-swallowing motorcycle-ride full of exciting events and activities (new songs! more shows! new TEE VEE!).

but first and foremost – like so many loyal and wide-eyed members of TEAM MONSTERFACE – we’re totally excited for the final HARRY POTTER BOOK to come out! (if you don’t share this enthusiasm, skip this whole bit and wait for some cool things next week…)

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